I AM THE TRIREME "Gnosis: Never FollowThe Light"


Release date: June 30th 2015, by Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BK6pmg2qWwY

CURSE UPON A PRAYER "Rotten Tongues"


Release date: June 12th 2015, by Inverse Records
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHQyhA8p3_Y

COFFINS “Perpetual Penance” (Double CD)

Release date: June 9th, 2015, by HPGD Productions
Bandcamp: http://hpgd.bandcamp.com/album/perpetual-penance-double-cd
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FoEJ8UkWxBo

HOLOCAUSTUM "In The Fields They Bled"


Release date: May 12th 2015 by HPGD Prod.

MY GRIMACE "Grim Serenades"


Release date: May 8th 2015 by Inverse Records


Release date: May 5th 2015 by HPGD Prod.

WHORION “The Reign Of The 7th Sector”


Release date: April 24th 2015, by Inverse Records
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQGcsbg018o

PERCUSSOR "Proclamation of Hate"

Release date: April 21st 2015, by HPGD Productions
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q6tXFXpsSiI
Bandcamp: http://hpgd.bandcamp.com/album/proclamation-of-hate

POHJOINEN “Pohjoinen”


Release date: April 10th 2015, by Inverse Records
GLEB PORO “Tuonetar” EP
Release date: 10 March 2015, by Lumi Records

GLEB PORO is Russian-born Finnish black metal composer. As a young boy, he was a great fan of Finnish and Swedish metal scene. As a teenager, he spent most of the time in the US. In 2013 he recorded a track with Johan Liiva, most widely recognized as the founding vocalist of death metal band Arch Enemy. In 2014 two tracks with Kai Karpinmaa from black metal band Azaghal are released.

NEOLITH "Izi.Im.Kurnu-Ki" (Poland)
Release date: March 2nd 2015, Non Serviam Records

Listen to 2 tracks from the album on YouTube:

Review in Polish: Here
THE MORE I SEE "The Disappearing Humans"
Release date: August 26th 2014, Earache

The band was formed in 2002 by Gizz Butt, the world renowned guitarist who has served time with bands such as English Dogs, War Dance, Janus Stark, The Prodigy, The Destructors and Sabbat.
The band’s latest album, The Disappearing Humans, was mixed by top metal producer Scott Atkins (-Cradle Of Filth, Amon Amarth etc.) and mastered at the world famous Abbey Road studios by Steeve Rooke (-Beatles, Status Quo) and is without doubt the most exciting album to bear the name of THE MORE I SEE.
Release date: August 15th 2014, by Violent Journey Records

"Weri Ioca Waluo" the next chapter on Sawhill Sacrifice`s path to spiritual fulfillment. Anti-religion and praise of our forefather`s pagan lords are the key elements which keeps black flame strong in Sawhill.
Now "Weri Ioca Waluo" takes stronger lyrical approach to ancient Finnish beliefs and rites, than debut album "Deus Humana Satanas".
Vocals are done on native language to make full appreciation to their message.
On album can also be heard featuring vocalists Narqath (Azaghal), Hellwind (The Crescent) and Grim666 (Hautakammio)
PANTHEON I "From The Abyss They Rise"
Release date: August 14th 2014, Non Serviam Records 

This Release consists of b-tracks and demos that have been recorded and never released during the 10 years of the bands existence. It represents both the past and the present of Pantheon I.
Formed in late 2002 and hailing from the city of Oslo in Norway, Pantheon I is an extreme metal band that combines brutality, aggression and speed with heart-wrenching melancholy. Rather than resorting to the use of synths with string samples, the symphonic aspects of their music are highlighted by the use of the cello. The current, and very sensual, line-up is composed of KVEBEK on guitar and vocals (DEN SAAKALDTE, ex-1349), SAGSTAD on guitar (TROLLFEST, SARKOM), T.R.S. on bass (1349, DEN SAAKALDTE), MADS G on drums (THE ALL SEEING I, ZEENON), and LIVE JULIANNE on cello. 
PROTOKULT "No Beer In Heaven"
Release date: August 8th 2014, Asher Media PR

Starting as the trio of Martin Drozd (Vocals, Guitar, Synthesizer), Mike Matveev (Drums) and Dawid Slowiak (Bass), the band developed itself through numerous changes in sound and line-up. The addition of former keyboradist Gregor Darwin came when new, more mature interests in history, paganism and folklore took hold — followed by the unleashing of their debut album, Ancestral Anthems.
During a brief hiatus and writing period, the group underwent another loss, with keyboardist Gregor Darwin going off to Harvard for Celtic Studies. After a few personal struggles, in mid-2013, the members focused intensively on hammering out new material, and what could have been another demo/EP (consisting of 4 tracks previously recorded in 2012) had turned into plans for a full-length album. Clocking in at just under an hour, ‘No Beer In Heaven‘, captures the reformed quintet at an all-time high, showcasing an impressive palette of entirely new compositions, and straps the listener on an adventurous, heavy and experimental trek, diving into themes of drinking, history and human endeavor.
LELAHELL "Al Insane... The (Re)Birth Of Abderrahmane"
Release date: August 5th 2014, HPGD Prod.

HPGD Productions welcomes Lelahell to the roster with the debut album "Al Insane... The (Re)Birth Of Abderrahmane". Hailing from Algeria, Lelahell play brutal, blistering Death Metal that features intense speed and supreme technicality. Native melodies complement the crushing barbarity on this 10 tracks monster that is full of sick blast beats, massive guitar riffs, gravity blasts and huge production. Mixed and mastered by Ivan of Anthropocide Studio (Abominable Putridity, Aborted Fetus) and features cover artwork by Kaamos Illustration (Hypocrisy, Pain).
For fans of Behemoth, Cannibal Corpse, Decapitated, Hate, Hour Of Penance, Melechesh, Nile, Necrophagist, Vader and Vital Remains...
Listen to them: http://www.horrorpaingoredeath.com/store/hpgd092.html
FRACTURED SPINE ""Memoirs Of A Shattered Mind"
Release date: August 1st 2014, Inverse Records

Starting out with instrumentals and ballads, Fractured Spine's music quickly evolved into heavier death/doom metal. However, few songs were released to the public before 2012 with one notable exception being thevery limited edition demo "Frost" in 2008. The band still draws its main influences from outside the metal genre, often from progressive rock and shoegazing. The line-up consists of two core members Antti (instruments, vocals) and Timo (vocals), with occasional visits from session musicians and guestvocalists. All songs are recorded and mixed at the band's Studio Fracture, with only mastering, publishing and distribution given to professionals outside the band. The 2nd full-length "Memoirs Of A Shattered Mind"
continues where the debut album left off - atmospheric and melodic, taking elements from doom metal, progressive rock and shoegazing. Writing and recording the songs started before "Songs ofSlumber" was released and took 14 months to complete. 
BONEYARD "Fear Of A Zombie Planet"
Release date: July 22nd 2014, by HPGD Prod.

Zombie slashing, cannibalized, horror loving, gore drenched, grindeath 'n' roll! From the sick mind of Noel Kemper (Gruesome Stuff Relish, Galerna) comes Boneyard: a gruesome journey into the macabre. The debut album "Fear Of A Zombie Planet" is a pulverising embodiment of evil, torment and abhorrence. Witness the carnage as the dead rise again... there is no escape from the agony as this 11 track experiment in terror penetrates your soul. Features album artwork inspired by the likes of Lucio Fulci, Umberto Lenzi, Dario Argento, Joe D'Amato, Ruggero Deodato, Bruno Mattei and Lamberto Bava.
For fans of Carcass, Carnage, Dead Infection, Dismember, Entombed, Exhumed, Haemorrhage, Impaled and Repulsion...
Listen to them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXJuBMNf2qk
BLOODY HARVEST "Abstinence Syndrome"
Release date: July 14th 2014, Metal Scrap Records

The debut full-length album by Ukrainian Oldschool Death Metal band.All songs are sustained in old Death Metal traditions, but at the same time there are smallexperiments which should please the advanced listener.The main priorities of all compositions are: catching riffs and sensible filling lyrics."Abstinence Syndrome" offers to the listener to consider other often hidden in a romanticignorance side of substance use, opening a man’s way that leads to a broken life or even death.The song "Посмішка Звіра (Smile of the Beast)" involves rather other theme of dependencies - areligion that becomes placebo for someone, but for someone - opium.For fans of such bands as: Six Feet Under, Bolt Thrower, Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation, TortureKiller, Kataklysm and Illdisposed.Metal Scrap Records, 2014 (MSR078/DT).
RED HILLS "Pleasure Of Destruction"
Release date: July 10th 2014, Metal Scrap Record

The debut full-length album by Ukrainian Melodic Death Metal band. Melodic tunes of the guitars, attractive combination of scream and growl, driving skull-crushing rhythms of the drums, well combined melodics and hardness – that’s all Red Hills were able to unite at their debut full-length album.Both problems of the whole society and problems facing a certain man are well narrated in the band’s lyrics. What will be our future in the days of moral chaos, lie and hate?Donetsk’ metallers will dip you into a chain of driving musical events and make you think about the meaning of our life.Material recorded at TA Production and produced by Anton Vorozhtsov (Hell:On and Ungrace guitarist). The design of 12-page booklet made by Russian art-studio Project Mayhem widely known for its work with such bands as: Amatory, Arcana Imperia, Aruna Azura, Dimicandum, Fatal Error, Icon In Me, Illidiance, Lethargia, StalWart, Ungrace etc.Recommended for fans of: In Flames , Dark Tranquility, At the Gates, Kalmah and Insomnium! Total Metal Records, 2014 (TMR018-77) Made in Ukraine

Release date: July 8th 2014, by HPGD Prod.

From a dimension far beyond the boundaries of manifest reality comes Lawrence's Creation; a sonic explosion born of talent so volatile it threatens the very fabric of cosmic existence. The brainchild of Philadelphia's virtuosic multi-instrumentalist Lawrence Wallace (Shadows in the Crypt, Serpent Ov Old) and Finnish/American Black Metal master Mika Mage (Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus), "Drop Zone" imbues the listener with 10 tracks of progressive instrumental ecstasy. Mage on bass perfectly complements Wallace as he yet again astounds with face-melting guitar work, further cementing his place amongst Speed Metal master's Luca Turilli, Michael Romeo, Yngwie Malmsteen, Rusty Cooly, John Petrucci, and Paul Gilbert.
The power duo of Lawrence's Creation is a transcendent genesis of hope, a light amongst the ever beckoning Abyss... taking you to a place far beyond the capabilities of human imagination. For fans of Jason Becker, David T. Chastain, Dragonforce, Dreamquest, Marty Friedman, George Lynch,Tony MacAlpine, Vinnie Moore, James Murphy, Chris Poland, Joe Satriani,Scientic, Joe Stump,  Symphony X, Steve Vai and Elias Viljanen
Listen to them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZtoosNS380 
AD PATRES "Scorn Aesthetics"
Release date: July 8th 2014, by Kaotoxin Records

The beast is back! Kaotoxin’s best selling release ever, what’s been one of the bests 2012 Death Metal releases and has gained praise from the worldwide press (2012 Album of the year at Nihil Verum Nisi Mors, 8th best 2012 album at CoreAndCo, 2012 revelation at Thrashocore, 6th best French Metal album of 2012 at Metal Sickness, among the staff’s 2012 picks at VS Webzine, 9/10 by Pest Webzine, The RingMaster Review, The Whiplasher , etc.), AD PATRES’ debut full-length, « Scorn Aesthetics », is now available as a strictly limited edition of 500 copies vinyl among which 100 copies as collector edition red vinyl (and an even more limited edition of 100 copies as cassette tape on the label’s webshop exclusively !).
Unleashing torrents of ear-catching riffs at high tempo sustained
by floods of blast beats and double bass, AD PATRES provides its efficient and direct neck-breaking brutality on your numb ears. Dare you face it? Kingdoms are gonna be taken, heads are gonna rolland AD PATRES are gonna be crowned!
MORTIS DEI "Salvation Never Comes"
Release date: July 7th 2014, by Metal Scrap Records

The fourth full-length (and first officially released) album by the Polish
Death Metal band. Lasting 30 minutes eighth tracks + intro of fast forward going Death Metal music with a dose of melody. Modern, but raw sound, low, yet understandable vocal parts and some melodic guitar solos are perfectly combined in this promising release. After twenty years of playing Death Metal Mortis Dei shows its new incarnation. “Salvation Never Comes” is a concept album, so get ready and beware of horrible Death story! Check it out or your Salvation will Never Come!!
I  MISS MY DEATH "In Memories"
Release date: 2014, by Metal Scrap Records
Debut full-length album by Ukrainian Gothic Doom Metal band.Music of the band is based on images-antipode. On the one hand - tuneful retardation of guitars in low gloomy registers and shrill male growl. On the other - sublime, noble melodic lines of keyboard and string instruments combined with a magnificent lyric-dramatic soprano."In Memories" is not just a collection of compositions but a whole story that can be traced from song to song. It's the story where each paragraph is a new round of a sad legend with lonely and opposed to the whole world romantic hero in its center. Dive into the world of memories filled with the atmosphere of love and loneliness!If you prefer such bands as: Draconian, Tristania, The Sins Of Thy Beloved, Sirenia, early Theatre Of Tragedy, then first full-length album of I Miss My Death is exactly what you're looking for! 
POMSTA "Sledgehammer"
Release date: 2014, by Metal Scrap Records

Debut EP by Ukrainian Groove Metal band. Songs presented on the record are a successfully proven concert repertoire. Groove, harsh riffs, recitative elements, aggressive feeding and traditional melodic clean vocal inserts create brand, recognizable sound of Pomsta. Topical and rather cynical lyrics differ markedly from the bored unwinding nozzles that musicians often offer to domestic audience.All the band's songs are presented in both English and Ukrainian.
Release date: 2014, by Metal Scrap Records

Ukrainian band THE SCARLET EMBRACE was founded in 2009 in Odessa city. Band combined various musical visions into a single core called The Scarlet Embrace, describing the aggression of modern progressive music and furious beauty of sincere symphonic composition.With this creative impulse the band began working at material for their first album. At the process of songwriting and performances, the band met with a variety of talented musicians, in particular, with great sound engineer, musician and composer Eduard Bikovec (EdRecords). Thanks to him, the band recorded their first single "Алхимия Ночи / Night Alchemy".2013 began with the changes: the band decided to use English as main lyric’s language and embarked to translation of the album, as well as the search for new ideas and opportunities. After a series of shows, the guys started to record their debut album in the same EdRecords studio. Musicians brought sound to a new, higher quality and more professional level. In March 2014, the band signed a contract with Metal Scrap Records to release a digital album, for the whole world. Debut album The Scarlet Embrace, called "Talio", was digitally released April 14, 2014.
Release date: July 1st 2014, by HPGD Prod.

Ferocious old school Death/Thrash! Eternal Oblivion make their Horror Pain Gore Death Productions debut with the monster album "Human Fields". Harking back to the golden age of Thrash Metal, Eternal Oblivion take influence from artists such as Anthrax, Megadeth, Metallica, Overkill and Slayer, but also a healthy dose of Chuck Schuldiner's legendary Death. Fast chugging riffs, minor-key tonality and overall aggression occasionally interrupted by melodic interludes and emotional guitar solos. Dark, heavy vocals feature lyrics covering religious and political topics, as well as good old fashion Metal violence! For fans of Bathory, Dark Angel, Death Angel, Destruction, Exodus, Forbidden, Kreator, Nuclear Assault, Sodom, Tankard, Testament, Toxic Holocaust and Witchtrap...
Listen to them: http://www.horrorpaingoredeath.com/store/hpgd089.html
Release date: June 30th 2014, by Seven Gates of Hell

Po czterech latach milczenia BLACKHORNED SAGA powraca z pełnowymiarowym wydawnictwem. "Setan" to bluźnierczy dowód całkowitego poświęcenia Czarnej Sztuce! 9 utworów, które spustosza wasze dotychczasowe postrzeganie swiata i ludzi!
Oto przesłanie Zagłady spisane Krwią i Nasieniem!!!
http://blackhornedsaga.bandcamp.com/album/setan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cnZqWBqka_A
Release date: June 27th 2014, by Violent Journey Records

The Northern Finland thrash metal veterans National Napalm Syndicate are back with a vengeance. They have recorded a new mini CD with the original vocalist Aku Raaska and their original drummer Pasi Pauanne. The lineup is completed by the third original member Jukka Kyrö (guitar) and new recruits Hapa Lampinen (guitar) and Niko Karppinen (bass).
Lex Talionis CD is a return to their classic thrash sound from the 80's. Old school thrash metal with no mercy for the faint-hearted. The Possessed and Slayer influences are still there, with a nice twist of Exodus to make things a bit more interesting.
They bring to you two new smashing original songs and three covers. The covers are from legendary Finnish hardcore/punk bands: Kansanturvamusiikkikomissio (KTMK) and Vivisektio. As a bonus track there's a cover of Nuclear Assault's "My America",which was changed to "My Pudasjärvi", an ode to the original birthplace of National Napalm Syndicate. 
Release date: June 24th 2014, by HPGD Prod.

Official digital re-issue of the classic self-titled DECIEVERION EP!
Originally released in late 2002 by Hellflame Productions on 12" vinyl, then Non Compos Mentis Records in early 2003, this 40+ minute EP is the debut release of one of the most underrated bands in the USBM genre. Six tracks of punishing hateful black metal in the old school way, featuring Necrodemius Hammerhorde (Shadows In The Crypt, ex-Crucifier, ex-Invasive Command) and Cazz "The Black Lourde Of Crucifixion" Grant (Crucifier, ex-Grand Belial's Key). Also includes a killer cover of Celtic Frost's "Dethroned Emperor"! The beginning of what was to come, and what will come again. For fans of early Satyricon, Dodheimsgard, Dissection, Celtic Frost...
EXPAIN "Just The Tip"
Release date: June 24th 2014, Self-released/ Asher Media

There’s something to be said about technology and its ability to bring musicians together and Vancouver’s EXPAIN has Craigslist to thanks for its birth.
Mixing thrash with jazzier elements and everything in between, the band delivers music that’s energetic, diverse and thoughtful in every sense of the word. “Our music tends to be very melodic and we put a big emphasis on the songwriting, as well as the individual riffs,” says guitarist Eric Morrison.
The band’s debut album, ‘Just the Tip’, plays to its sense of humour, but also represents the beginning of a musical journey that’s not bound to stop or slow down any time soon. Writing about everything from overcoming adversity to partying hard, living in an ever-changing city and the state of today’s society as a whole, Expain has captured its true identity on record. As Morrison explains, “We go through many different concepts on this album but I think throughout all of it there is an attempt to stay hopeful and make something positive out of difficult or unpleasant situations." 
Release date: June 23th 2014, by Candlelight/ Future PR

Forming in 1994 from the ashes of death thrashers Bereaved, Irish occult metal act Abaddon Incarnate came together with the intention of becoming the fastest, most brutal band in Ireland. It was a mission thoroughly accomplished within the Irish underground by the time they released their brutal death metal debut 'The Last Supper' on the then up and coming label, Season of Mist.
Abaddon Incarnate re-emerged in 2007 with new drummer Johnny King (Altar of Plagues) and bassist Steve Finnerty and since then have completed  successful tours in Europe, Russia and South America, while also having released their fourth full length 'Cascade' and a split with legendary Orange County grinders, Phobia.
With four full-length releases and a split behind them, Abaddon Incarnate, led by founding members Bill Whelan and Steve Maher, are looking forward to the future and their Candlelight Records label debut 'Pessimist' due out June 2014. The new album was recorded and mixed in three days, with the vocals and music being done in one take to maintain a level of live intensity and maximise a very real and frantic feel. Artwork duties have fallen to Manuel Tinnemans (Deathspell Omega, Pentacle, etc.) and the lyrics on the album are the most dark and honest the band has done to date. 
SPATIAL "Silence"
Release date: June 22nd 2014, by Metal Scrap Records
Debut full-length album by the Polish Dark Doom Metal band. The album contains full spectrum of different Metal sounds; it’s unique hybrid between many different Metal genres. This is band’s trademark, which makes their songs unmistakable. It’s very hard to define their style with one word. But still there are some things that connect them all - atmosphere, melody, space, darkness and heaviness. With a little touch of dark magic, their songs receive a very unique under-sound and message. Interesting, strong guitar riffs, cosmic and “spatial” solos, mighty rhythmic section, and above all an amazing vocal. Vocal, which is not afraid of any challenges and perfectly fills this gloomy and atmospheric album, with dark incantations. The lyrics are telling a story about many important for band themes, like: hate, melancholy, life and, more than anything, death. Aggressive yet melodic stuff for all Metalheads who are searching for something unconventional. It’s highly recommended for Doom, Death or even Black Metal fanatics, especially for all those, who are looking for unknown spaces and new experiences! Musthave for fans of: Moonspell, old Tristania, Type O Negative, old Samael, and fans of early 90’s Melodic Swedish Death Metal!! Metal Scrap Records!
DE PROFUNDIS "Frequencies"
Release date: June 19th 2014, Terrorizer Magazine

Over the course of their near decade long existence DE PROFUNDIS have grown and developed at a prodigious rate, their music blossoming into ever more imaginative and challenging forms. From their roots in death and doom metal they have reached out in a multitude of diverse directions, leaving limiting genre definitions and regulations shattered in their wake. Blending unfettered creativity, fierce ambition and outstanding musicianship the band have already unleashed three magnificent albums, including the ground breaking The Emptiness Within which elevated their absorbing atmospheres, progressive thinking and breathtaking technical abilities to unprecedented levels. However, even the heights of The Emptiness Within have been surpassed by the sonic sorcery of their new four track EP, Frequencies. More devastatingly intense than anything the band have delivered before, Frequencies also manages to set new standards of technical intricacy and still be more engaging and enthralling than anything
from De Profundis’ impressive back catalogue. The band have previously played alongside the likes of Iron Maiden, Lacuna Coil, Endstille, Marduk and Immolation, impressing all who see them. They will also be making their return to Bloodstock Open Air, where they first stunned the crowd six years ago.
With the Frequencies EP De Profundis are laying down a challenge that few extreme metal bands will be able to match. And the bar may be raised even higher when their fourth full length album emerges later this year...
Release date: June 17th 2014, by HPGD Prod.

When Worlds Collide: Fiends At Feast and Tragic Death join metal forces for a devastating split album entitled "Purgatory Rites"! Both bands bring to the chopping block their own unique take on the fusion of Black and Death Metal, with each of their sounds complimenting each other, creating an aural experience of occult blasphemy and frigid darkness. Fiends At Feast return to Horror Pain Gore Death with a sound of vicious hellfire and unrelenting aggression, featuring vocals that conjure up apocalyptic prophecies and sacrilegious zeal. Tragic Death hail from Madison, WIand harness the desolate cold of the frozen north to create songs that are hauntingly melodic, bringing to mind perilous journeys with awe-inspiring landscapes of nature and thought.
Fiends At Feast strive to create music that builds upon a foundation of Old School Death and Black Metal influences, while also infusing contemporary ideas and originality. Imaginative, dark, evil, passionate musicianship with distinctive satanic lyrics and imagery. For fans of Dissection, Emperor, Gorgoroth, Immolation, Immortal, Marduk, Morbid Angel and Watain.
Tragic Death are a power trio that play 'Apocalyptic Metal' style; an amalgam of Black Metal, Thrash, and Death Metal. The result is a furious, unrelenting sound that not only crushes with it's brutality, but also hypnotizes with a transcendental atmosphere. The vocals are introspective without compromising any aggression or venomous dictation that is characteristic of Black Metal. For fans of Rotting Christ, Dissection, Immortal, Enslaved and Deathspell Omega...
Listen to 2 full tracks from the album: http://www.horrorpaingoredeath.com/store/hpgd088.html

Release date: June 16th 2014, Art Gates Records

This experienced metal act was born in 2000′s and formed in Barcelona, Spain; improving their skillsand feelings in a mix of Melodic Death Metal, Progressive, Gothic, Industrial and Metalcore, also adding orchestral arrangements and electronic sounds. Far from being a mindless mix of styles, thisbecomes the band’s personal and homogeneous genre.Insight After Doomsday have shared stage with well-known artists of the worldwide metalscene such as Mnemic, Avalanch, Stravaganzza and Obus.After three albums of studio the band is ready to hit the worldwide scene with their fourth LP, “TheWay to Nihilism” which will be released in June of 2014 through Art Gates Records.
SOVENGAR " Vindicta et Gloria"
Release date: June 16th 2014, Art Gates Records

This barbaric quintet was born in Albacete (Spain) in the cold December of 2012.Since its inception, the main idea of the band is to formalize themselves as something different andunique, providing something special, looking for a powerful sound through direct guitar riffs,keyboard melodies creating an epic atmosphere, thundering basses composed by drums and bassand heartrending vocals… All of this conforms the original and unique sound of Sovengar.The act is preparing their first full-lenght album to be released wordwide in June2014 by Art Gates Records.
DEEP IN HATE "Chronicles of Oblivion"
Release date: June 3rd 2014, by Kaotoxin Records

"Chronicles of Oblivion" is the third step in the history of France's Modern Death Metal experts DEEP IN HATE. With a massive production and artwork by Above Chaos (Hellfest, Bethlehem, Nightfall…), it features nine heavy yet melodic, intense yet song-focused tracks that, being less technic-oriented than their previous efforts, develop a more catchy approach of the genre as already demonstrated on the debut music video unleashed in support of the new album, the "New Republic" live music video, recorded at the 2013 Sonisphere (feat. Iron Maiden, Behemoth, Korn…).
With this brilliant new release DEEP IN HATE develops its own sound, with influences from bands like Whitechapel, Despised Icon, Aborted, Gojira or Decapitated for example, and aims to conquer new territories and enlarge an already impressive following, touring as much as they can everywhere in support of this massive new album.
ON TOP "Top to The Bottom" EP
Release date: June 3rd, 2014, by HPGD Prod.

Philadelphia’s hard-hitting power trio ON TOP back are back with a brand new EP entitled "Top To Bottom". This release marks the return of Jaron Gulino (Mach22) on lead vocals/bass guitar and Danny Piselli (Fisthammer) on drums, with skilled newcomer Brian Davis on lead guitar. Following up on their killer debut album "Top Heavy", On Top have continued their style of metal with edgy vocals, hard hitting drums, dominating riffs and killer leads. This release raises the bar and showcases the bands evolution, presenting their finest efforts to date. "Top To Bottom" was recorded at Tribe Sound Studios in West Chester, PA, engineered/mixed by Brian Davis and mastered by Chris “The Wizard”Collier (KXM, Lynch Mob).
For fans of Accept, Dio, Dokken, Grim Reaper, Iron Maiden, LA Guns, Loudness, Megadeth, Motley Crue, Obsession, Ozzy Osbourne, Queensryche, Ratt, Van Halen and W.A.S.P....
Listen to the full track from this EP: http://www.horrorpaingoredeath.com/store/hpgd087.html 
HOLLOW "Mordrake"
Release date: May 30th 2014, Self-released/ Asher Media

Hailing from Montreal, QC, symphonic black/ melodic death metal band HOLLOW has amassed quite the portfolio since its conception in 2009. Conquering audiences across Québec and Ontario, Hollow has became a household name that has showcased in front of industry giants such as Alex Skolnick (Testament), Blacky and Dan Mongrain (Voivod), Stephane Barbe (Kataklysm) and Mikey Heppner (Priestess).
The album features a unique analogue approach towards extreme metal: recorded without the use of any triggers, midi or copy/paste editing, the album features true-to-life performances that bring a breath of fresh air into an over-compressed and digital world. “MORDRAKE” was produced at Uplift Studios by Kevin Jardine (Slaves on Dope) and co-produced by Dan Lauzon (Entropy) and Hollow.
DOMINIUM "War Ritual"
Release date: May 13th, 2014 by HPGD Prod.

Bone-chilling black metal from the abyss, spreading the plague of sonic terror! Dominium make their Horror Pain Gore Death Productions debut with the crushing album  "War Ritual". Formed back in 1999, this is a no bullshit Black Metal assault which attacks from the first note to the last... nasty, filthy and blasting. Hailing from Richmond, Virginia (RVA), Dominium plays Black Metal the way it was meant to be played; no sad and dreary songs that have plagued the genre for so long. Just a pure attack of hatred and death... to speak of Dominium is to speak of Destruction. No sanctuary will be left... a declaration of War upon Black Metal itself.
For fans of Allfather, Angelcorpse, Archgoat, Blasphemy, Funeral Mist,
Immortal, Incantation, Krieg, Kult Ov Azazel, Marduk, Mayhem, Order From Chaos, Profanatica, Venom and Vital Remains. Posers fuck off!
Full track from the album here: http://www.horrorpaingoredeath.com/store/hpgd086.html
Release date: May 13th 2014, Self-released/ Asher Media

PSYCHOTIC GARDENING is the organic evolution of heavy music, uncompromising, crushing and fierce. Rooted in classic HEAVY METAL through to the origins of DEATH METAL, these veterans don’t follow trends, forging their own path, transcending genres beneath their feet. The band returns in 2014 after laying low, deliberately and methodically, preparing new material while allowing vocalist Chuck Labossiere to fill in with Broken Hope for tour dates in Europe and Canada.
Having blended elements of DOOM and BLACK METAL, the band digs into its DEATH METAL roots with the imminent release of their new album ‘Hymnosis’, a concoction of their most vicious material while still hammering down on doom-laden monster riffs.
The band’s members have shared the stage with Morbid Angel, Napalm Death, Brutal Truth, Testament, Massacre, Into Eternity, Incantation, Sacrifice, Razor, Voivod, Entombed, Cannibal Corpse, and even Ronnie James Dio.
Now with their impending release of ‘Hymnosis’ on May 13, 2014, Psychotic Gardening comes out with their strongest release yet.
DISMEMBERMENT "Embrace The Dark"
Release date: April 29th, 2014 by HPGD Prod.

Ohio's blackened Death/Thrash demons Dismemberment make their Horror Pain Gore Death Productions debut with the highly anticipated album "Embrace The Dark". A lethal combination of old school and contemporary attitude, Dismemberment do not disappoint. Successfully blending melody, intensity, memorable riffs, pounding drums, catchy songwriting and impressive guitar leads, the result is a crushing release of raw brutality and fury! "Embrace the Dark" was recorded with Travis Lautenschlager at Club Sandwich Studios in Columbus, OH, mixed by Joel Grind (Toxic Holocaust) at Audiosiege Studio and mastered by Dan Randall (Ghoul) at Mammoth Sound Mastering. Features cover artwork by renowned artist Andrei Bouzikov.
For fans of 1349, Absu, Acheron, Carcass, Death, Dissection, Exhumed, Gorguts, Hate, Immolation, Incantation, Kreator, Marduk, Mayhem, Morbid Angel, Origin and Weapon.
Listen to the music: http://www.horrorpaingoredeath.com/store/hpgd085.html 
AT RADOGOST'S GATES "Reflection Of A Lunar Eclipse InThe Stained Mirror Of Time"
Release date: April 22nd, 2014 by HPGD Prod.

Progressive Black/Death Metal from Serbia! AT RADOGOST'S GATES
make their Horror Pain Gore Death Productions debut with the epic concept album "Reflection Of A Lunar Eclipse In The Stained Mirror Of Time". Radogost is a Slavic God and warrior, armed with all possible weapons, guardian of the legendary town with the same name. This album is a search for lost sanity, full of misanthropy and paganism, destroying the walls between reality and dreams. “It takes only a one step journey to begin, and all that came before is rooted in the Earth, the tie that binds, crumbling pages of an old tome”.
For fans of Bal-Sagoth, Control Denied, Cynic, Death, Dissection, Edge Of Sanity, Empyrium, Fates Warning, Hypocrisy, In Flames, Judas Priest, My Dying Bride, Opeth, Queensryche, Testament and Therion.
Listen to a full track from this album: http://www.horrorpaingoredeath.com/store/hpgd084.html
CREINIUM "Project Utopia"
Release date: April 16th, 2014 by Inverse Records

CREINIUM was founded in early 2012 by former band mates Aleksi Holma (drums) and Antti Myllynen (keyboards). During the spring and summer, they found the missing links to complete the band's lineup, and from April 2012 to May 2013 they recorded Creinium's first demo "Modern World Tyranny" DIY-style, piece by piece. After their first bass player left the band, Miiro Varjus took his place, recorded the bass lines, and then mixed and mastered the demo. The demo was finally released on the 14th of June 2013. It recieved positive feedback and was titled "Demo of the month" by Finnish hard rock Magazine "Inferno". Soon after that they signed a deal with Inverse Records.
Creinium combines all kinds of metal influences in their music, such as black, melodic death, death/doom, dark and progressive metal. Their music is characterized by a strong presence of keyboards, unusual song structures, abundant melodies and diverse growling vocals.
In April 2013, a few months before the release of "Modern World Tyranny", Creinium already started to record their second release, soon to be an EP called "Project Utopia". Once again, they did everything by themselves. In January 2014 it was finally finished and ready to go.
DARK DAYS AHEAD "North Star Blues"
Release date: April 11th, 2014 in co-operation with Inverse Records

The new album by Finnish groove metallers DARK DAYS AHEAD, titled "North Star Blues", will expand the band's sound with many different elements yet staying true to the groove and aggressiveness of their 2012 debut "The Long Road South."
Like the title of the album suggests, DDA's second coming draws its influence from the Finnish state of mind: The group's mean riffs are now accompanied by more melodic and melancholic soundscapes, showcasing the band's versatility. "North Star Blues" is undoubtedly in contention for one of the top Finnish metal albums of 2014.
Release date: April 8th, 2014 by HPGD Prod.

Hailing from Italy, PENTOTHAL SODIUM make their punishing debut on
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions with a devastating EP entitled "Upon A Pile Of Bones". Taking the dark, obscure atmospheres of classic Death/Doom like Asphyx and dISEMBOWELMENT, Pentothal Sodium seamlessly weave influences of old school Swedish Death Metal into their mix which results in a crushing concoction of oppressive annihilation. "Upon A Pile Of Bones" consists of three powerful tracks clocking in at nearly 32 minutes, full of brutal chainsaw guitars, sudden tempo changes, haunting vocals and blasting drums. Majestic Death/Doom for fans of Anathema, Autopsy, Coffins, Divine Eve, dISEMBOWELMENT, Katatonia, My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost, Pentacle, Thergothon and Winter. A killer fucking release!
Listen to full track from the CD: http://www.horrorpaingoredeath.com/store/hpgd083.html 
GRAVEHILL “Death Curse”
Release: April 1st, 2014 by Dark Descent Records

Originally formed in 2001 as a three piece and within the same year recorded "The Practitioners of Fell Sorcery” demo and as quickly as it began, the original line-up disbanded soon after the debut demo.
In 2006 GRAVEHILL reformed with original drummer & founder Rhett "THORGRIMM" Davis and vocalist Mike Abominator. Over the course of
2007-2009 GRAVEHILL released 2 CDs with ENUCLEATION Records… the “Metal of
Death” / “The Advocation of Murder and Suicide” CD/EP and the “RITES OF THE PENTAGRAM” CD. Soon after the RotP CD release with ENUCLEATION Records, the label folded, leaving both releases free. 2012 began with a line-up change, by adding 2 new full-time guitarists known only as CC DeKill & Hell Messiah to replace Matt Hellfiend & Bodybag Bob due to their momentous touring schedule for EXHUMED.
2014 sees GRAVEHILL deliver their most stripped down and powerful release to date. On April 1, 2014, GRAVEHILL’S “Death Curse” will be unleashed on CD/Digital formats (vinyl soon after) through DARK DESCENT Records. Over 35 minutes of powerful death metal in the old vein including guest appearances from some of the biggest legends of death metal (Chris Reifert and Eric Cutler of Autopsy and Kam Lee (Massacre, Death and Bone Gnawer). “Death Curse” includes artwork by another legend, Christopher Moyen (Incantation, Blasphemy and more).
MASS INFECTION "For I Am Genocide"
Release date: April 1st, 2014 by Comatose Music

Greek death dealers MASS INFECTION prepares
to dominate the death metal scene in 2014 with their new, highly-anticipated full-length album, For I Am Genocide. This is the follow up to their 2009 release The Age of Recreation.
MASS INFECTION has crushed skulls with their precision brutality since 2003. They have certainly proven to be a supreme force with their skillful
and technical style of catchy death metal. Mass Infection is strongly influenced by bands like Deeds of Flesh, Hate Eternal and Severe Torture... so you can expect a blistering assault of barbaric insanity!
NOCTEM "Exilium"
Release date: March 3rd (Spain)/ April 7th (rest of Europe)
Finally we've got the newest album of Spanish Extreme Metallers NOCTEM! Exilium was recorded in the summer of 2013 in the AGR Studios (Valencia) produced and mastered by Daniel Cardoso (Anathema). The album has been released by Art Gates Records and other labels.
Full album preview:
The video contains 30 seconds of each track on the album, conforming a whole preview of the new atsmospheric and dark soundof the band in this new album.
Promoting video track "Eidolon": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ErcLIZj5K8
KHROMA "Collapse"
Release date: March 28th, 2014 in collaboration with Inverse Records

Not many groups can say they have done three European tours as well as played large festivals such as Finland's legendary Tuska Open Air before even putting out an album. Finnish electro-metal quintet KHROMA has done just that. On their debut album, titled “Collapse”, Khroma combines darkstep and electro groove with brutal metal riffs and the result is something you haven't quite heard ever before. Khroma's relentless sonic attack will leave the listener gasping for breath. As a result of the group's untiring touring efforts Khroma has become a hard-as-a-rock, one-of-a-kind live act, whose dark energy can't be described - it has to be witnessed. The band's European fans will get a chance soon enough, as the band will embark on an European tour in support of “Collapse”. 
NEGATIVE VOICE - Infinite Dissonance
Release date: March 21st, 2014 by Inverse Records

The first mention of a band dated 1999 year, when a band named Valhalla started their rehearsals in a little town named Shilovo/Russia. Some months later the band changes name to NEGATIVE VOICE. First rehearsal demos 'Spiritual Invadement' and 'Entrance To Eternity' were recorded in 2001, they was a mix of thrashdeath and sympho black metal. In 2003 band records an eight track instrumental demo 'Fourth Summer Of Suffering', it was made by Andrey and Yaroslav – the only band members on that time. The style of that period can be characterized as mid-tempo blackdeath metal. Then followed a long 7 years stagnation... Andrey resurrects the band in 2010 and records 'Unearthed From Oblivion', the main song from that demo was 'Euphoria From Being Depressed'. In 2012 Andrey invites guitarist Evgeny Loginov (ex-Exventer), and a drummer Konstantin Pavlov (Inis). They are formed the main line-up and started working on a debut album. At the same time Andrey records a six track demo called 'Dissonance' which has been published on a two labels in Ukraine and Russia, some songs were also included to 'Niberu' labels compilation. Finally recorded debut 'Infinite Dissonance' makes 2012 as the most important year for a band's history.
The album was recorded by Wieslawski brothers in Hertz Recording studio, working with Behemoth, Vader, Vesania, Decapitated, Hate etc.. Album contains eight tracks, each refers to different period of a band history. In December of 2013 'Euphoria From Being Depressed' was included to Canadian `Hypnotic Dirge Records` compilation. Negative Voice starts touring in 2013 after the new bassist Alex Nikolsky (ex-Cosmonauts Day) has joined. Group signs a contract with Finnish label 'Inverse Records' for releasing a debut. Currently band is working on a second album and exploring the world while touring.
GRIM LEGION "Unholy Resurrection"
Release date: March 18th, 2014 by HPGD Prod.
Old school Death Metal the way it was meant to be! Originally formed in 1988, Grim Legion were one of the pioneers of US Death Metal in the northeastern area, tearing up both the Jersey Shore and Staten Island scenes. After disbanding in the early 90's they have awakened from their ancient slumber with a powerful line-up that features John Paradiso of Evoken on guitar. Horror Pain Gore Death Productions is proud to bring you the long awaited debut full length "Unholy Resurection", an album that embodies evil, blasphemy and torment. This is punishing, sheer brutality for fans of old Amorphis, Asphyx, Autopsy, Bolt Thrower, Carnage, Death, Dismember, Entombed, Grave, Massacre, Morbid Angel, Nihilist, Nirvana 2002, Obituary, Possessed, Tiamat and Unleashed.
Hiidenhauta "Noitia on Minun Sukuni"
Release date: March 14th, 2014 by Inverse Records

HIIDENHAUTA is a black metal band from Finland.The band was found early in 2012 by vocalists Fornjotur and Riena. Soon joined keyboardist Gastjäle, bassist Ihtirieckos, drummer Rostiof to the band and later in the summer guitarist Marras. This is stillthe mainly lineup nowadays. First EP "Surma saapuu suota myöten" was recorded in the end of the year 2012 and was released in the depth of winter 2013. Second EP, which lyrics was about lycanthropy, "Eikä aurinko valaise", was released on May 2013. Hiidenhauta's lyrics is written in old finnish kalevalametre which Fornjotur has been working with many years. Lyrics are about nature, Baltic-Finnish mythology, against Christianity, history and darkness. Full-length album "Noitia on minun sukuni" recordings started in the gloom of the fall 2013. Guest appearance on the album is Jonne Järvelä from Korpiklaani, whose shamanistic part is on "Hiiden virsi." 
INSAIN "Enlightening the Unknown"
Release date: March 11th, 2014 by Kaotoxin Records

French metal juggernaut Kaotoxin Records have announced the March 11th release of Enlightening the Unknown from the recently disbanded INSAIN. The more massive and heavy a star, the faster its death, the darker its ending No rest for the dead: INSAIN are no more, but their legacy will live forever with this new and last release, which also marked a step forward for a band that was already head and shoulders above the pack with only a debut full-length, Spiritual Rebirth, under its belt. Subsequent to finishing the debut, drummer Jonathan "Sangli" Juré fought for more than a year in the hospital to recover from a violent car crash that cost him his life and the recruiting of new bassist Benoit "Bono" Jean (SentencE), Kaotoxin Records would like to thank David Schonbackler, Nicolas Becuwe, Louis Lafitte, Jonathan "Sangli" Juré and Benoit "Bono" Jean for believing in the label since the very start (INSAIN was second band signed to the label) and still being great individuals and friends, as well as gifted musicians.
DEVIUS "The Absent Presence"
Release date: March 2014
DEVIUS has released a new full length album titled "The Absents Presence" which is now available in CD/digital deluxe editions, to order via the band's official website (http://www.devius.com.ar). The Absents Presence is the follow up to the critically acclaimed Orphion album from 2011.
The band began recording its new album during winter of 2013 in two studios in Córdoba (GP Studios and Angervision Studios) with final mixing and mastering sessions taking place in December with producer Matias Takaya. The songs on The Absents Presence album are lyrically interconnected and deal with different aspects of the human condition and existencial angst, such as mortality, loss and remembrance, loneliness, greed, life choices and suicide. Without further explanation from the band about the concept behind The Absents Presence, it is the listener's task to make his/her own interpretation about the songs and the storythey tell.
HELMSPLITTER "Enraptured By Suffering"
Release date: February 18th 2014, by HPGD Prod.

HELMSPLITTER make their Horror Pain Gore Death Productions debut with the ferocious beast known as "Enraptured By Suffering". Hailing from Illinois, Helmsplitter are a Molotov cocktail of Black Metal, Sludge, Death Metal, Crust Punk, Thrash, Doom Metal and hateful Blues. This is extreme metal that takes you on a musical roller coaster through a world of misanthropy, pain, frustration and despair. Unpredictable, relentless and absurdly heavy, Helmsplitter manage to blend various styles together in a seamless, naturally flowing and unforced manner that is uncanny.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Scott Creekmore (Broken Hope, Num
Skull, Lupara) and features Blakk (Angelkill, Mortuary Oath, Maskim) on vocals. For fans of Crowbar, Darkthrone, DRI, Emperor, Goatwhore, Gorgoroth, Grave, Immortal, Malevolent Creation, Marduk, Mayhem, Morbid Angel, Obituary, Sarcofago, Sodom, Tsjuder and Urgehal.
AGIEL "Dark Pantheons" EP
Release date: February 18th 2014, by Deepsend Records

Deepsend Records will release AGIEL’s Dark Pantheons on February 18th. Dark Pantheons is a re-introduction to the metal masses of this unique blend of brutal death metal and symphonic black metal of AGIEL. Imbued with chaotic energy and aggression, Dark Pantheons transcends the familiar like an occultist stepping beyond the boundaries of existence. A new sound saturated in complexity and power marks their return. To that end, material from AGIEL’s 2002 full length release Dark Pantheons Again Will Reign was revisited and re-imagined for a new era. This would serve as a touchstone in the AGIEL anthology and for the new material scheduled for production in 2014 by redefining and re-imagining their sound and style.
Release date: February 18th, 2014, by Deepsend Records

Northern California's death metal juggernauts EMBRYONIC DEVOURMENT are back with their latest slab of progressive technical death metal, which will be released February 18th on Deepsend Records. Reptilian Agenda has forged a whole new level of brutality for the band and continues to push the boundaries of death on their third album. Mixed and mastered by Colin Davis (Vile).
SHROUD OF DESPONDENCY "Tied to a Dying Animal"
Release date: February 12th, 2014 Self-released

Milwaukee, WI extreme metallers SHROUD OF DESPONDENCY will self-release a double-album journey into the abyss called Tied to a Dying Animal on February 12th. Always prolific, creative, and fiercely independent, SHROUD OF DESPONDENCY have outdone themselves this time. While 2012's Pine and 2011's Dark Meditations in Monastic Seclusion were very well received as black metal albums, Tied to a Dying Animal is a more expansive beast. The heavy metal songs are heavier and more violent while the acoustic songs are more dramatic and enveloping. Tied to a Dying Animal was born out of the desire to find commonality in these seemingly different styles of music. What better way to exaggerate that commonality than with an absorbing double album, inclusive of four bonus tracks?
HELGARDH "The Black Flame Descent"
Release date: February 4th, 2014 by HPGD Prod.

A dark and aggressive force is emerging out of the cold and arid
atmosphere of the Appalachian Mountains. HELGARDH is comprised of the unique blend of ardent Death Metal and baleful Black Metal.
Founded by guitarist and vocalist Famine in 2009, they have since been on a quest to disperse their somber and sickening message. Spewing words of the Occult and Witchcraft underneath technically written composition and rugged melodies, this band will become perpetual. The debut full length "The Black Flame Descent" is a slaying monster that’s spreads its putrid filth upon all, infesting the universe with plague and descending from the rocks where which Helgardh came to disperse their epidemic. This indomitable beast will surely poison your mind! For fans of Absu, Behemoth, Belphegor, Dark Fortress, Dark Funeral, Dissection, Emperor, Enthroned, Gorgoroth, Immortal, Marduk, Naglfar and Watain!
DOWN FROM THE WOUND "Violence and the Macabre"
Release date: February 4th, 2014 by Comatose Music

It was 2007 since their last full length CD release, now DOWN FROM THE WOUND are set to unleash their latest offering titled, ‘Violence and the Macabre’. Nearly fifty minutes of flesh shredding Southeast Asian brutality with old school atmosphere and organic production. Down from the Wound are no strangers to the death metal scene. Hailing from the Philippines, they have been punishing eardrums since 2002 with their nasty combination of inhuman breakdowns and technical riffing reminiscent of bands like Disgorge, Gorgasm and Lust of Decay. On February 4th violence will prevail…
OMNIZIDE "Death Metal Holocaust"
Release date: 31 January 2014, by Carnal Records

Carnal Records is set to release "Death Metal Holocaust" from Swedish Black/Death Unit OMNIZIDE on January 31st. Featuring lead vocals from CRAFT throat Mikael Nox and music written by AE from AVSKY, the album follows the highly celebrated EP "Pleasure from Death" (the tracks from which are included as bonus material), the decibel assault reaches a new level of pain to ensure maximum aural decimation.
Death Metal Holocaust was mastered by Joakim from CRAFT.
LAY DOWN ROTTEN “Deathspell Catharsis”
Release date: January 27th 2014, by Apostasy Records

For nearly 15 years, LAY DOWN ROTTEN has stood for energetic top-notch Death Metal. Their haunting live-shows at festivals like With Full Force, Rock Harz, Extremefest, Death Feast and Summer Breeze, and shows alongside the likes of Cannibal Corpse, Bolt Thrower and Aborted have always grabbed the audience by the balls.
Albums like Breeding Insanity (Remission Records), Gospel Of The Wretched (Metal Blade Records) and last year's Mask Of Malice (Metal Blade Records) have been well-received within the whole scene and the press. Now, it is time for the first sign of life from the band via their new label-home Apostasy Records!
Deathspell Catharsis is the name of the new output which was once again produced by the band's confidant Thilo Krieger in his Desert Inn Studio. The new album will definitely prove their status and the great artwork by Toshihiro Egewa (Cryptopsy, Defeated Sanity, Krisiun and many more) totally accompanies that impression.
DESCEND "Wither"
Release date: January 24th 2014, by Inverse Records

DESCEND's second full length album Wither will be released through Inverse Records. Wither being their darkest record to date, Descend expands on what they know and do best - delivering a perfect blend of progressive death metal. This is the band's defining record. Descend is a progressive death metal band from Stockholm, Sweden. The band was formed in 2003 and the current line-up dates back to 2008. After three self released demos, the debut album Through the Eyes of the Burdened was released through Supernova Records in May 2011. The album was well received and supported through numerous live performances including festivals in Germany, Canada as well as the renowned Metaltown festival in Gothenburg in the summer of 2012. The band has been self managed from the start, and dedicated work has attracted fans from many different countries. Combining melodic harmonies, acoustic passages and death metal riffs, the band manages to effortlessly swing back and forth from tranquil, atmospheric playing to a barage of apocalyptic death metal. From the opening drum fill in Confined By Evil all the way up to the final ringing notes in Sundown, Wither takes the listener through a dark, thought provoking, malevolent journey, certain to leave the listener asking for more. Wither is one the must have records of 2014 and will land Descend their rightful place in the top section of bands in the progressive death metal genre. 
Release date: January 14th 2013 by HPGD Prod.

Sacrificial Blood finally make their long awaited Horror Pain Gore Death Productions debut! NJ's Deathrashing Heavy Metal Maniacs return with an all new full length of insanity and mayhem.
"SoulS For Sale" crushes the false and is Sacrificial Blood's strongest material to date with 8 original tracks, plus a mystery bonus track. NO FREE PASSES, NO CALLEDS, NO AWESOME IRONY, DTWM!
For fans of Autopsy, Cianide, Death, Deathstrike, Deceased, Frigid Bich, Massacre, Master, Possessed, NME, PostMortem, early Slayer and Scepter.
Full track from the album:
CORAXO "Starlit Flame"
Release date: January 15th, 2014 (Self-released)

CORAXO is an electronic death metal band from Finland. The band was formed in Sep 2013, with an idea to make exciting new type of old school death metal, mixed with the soundscapes of the science fiction movies and TV of the 50's through 70's, inspiredby artists like Delia Derbyshire and Vangelis. Death metal that sounds like it just walked through doctor Frankenstein's laboratory that is full of blinking lights, bubbling flasks and beeping instruments.Coraxo has released one EP, the one supplied with this package. It was recorded and mixed by Coraxo during Aug-Nov 2013,and was mastered in Nov 2013 at Unisound Studios Sweden by Dan Swanö. Starlit Flame is the first of a planned trilogy, which heavily lends its storytelling from the Alien movies universe. The spinetingling story begins when a derelict space craft has been found on a crash course towards the Earth, and a squad of scientists and soldiers is sent to investigate. Soon it will become apparent that the team is not being told the truth about their mission, and something else much more sinister is at play in the dark depths of the ship...
MAGENTA HARVEST "Volatile Waters"
Release date: January 10th 2014 by
Inverse Records

Magenta Harvest started as a two man project in 2005. A new band, but not new kids on the block. Featuring current and former members of bands like Chthonian, …and Oceans, Havoc Unit, Finntroll and Mygrain.
After a slow start it was year 2009 when it really started
to happen. A few years and a couple of demos later we have the current lineup and what's most important our debut album has been recorded and it's ready to be released. To make it short.Let the music speak for itself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjZnX3N5Oys 
ROTTEN AGE "Zgnilizna Dziejów"
Release date: January 7th, 2014 (Self-released)

Powstaly w 2008 roku black metalowy ROTTEN AGE uraczyl nas w koncu pelnym albumem. Oto Polska niezalezna i podziemna! Na plycie "Zgnilizna Dziejów" mamy tu do czynienia z 10 utworami, które poruszaja to co w Nas najgorsze!
Slychac, ze panowie z Podhala wlozyli w material duzo pasji i wszystkie swoje umiejetnosci. Kto jeszcze nie zapoznal sie z ta plyta, a lubi niszowy black metal, jak najbardziej powinien! 
ARIES VEHEMENS "Decade of Necrosodomy"
Release date: January 1st, 2014 (Self-released)

Choc nowotarski ARIES VEHEMENS istnieje od 2002 roku, ostateczny sklad ustalil sie dopiero 2 lata temu. I z Nowym Rokiem 2014 pojawila sie pelnometrazowa plyta "Decade of Necrosodomy", album hołdujący brutalnemu, soczystemu death metalowi, czyli nieomal 45-minutowy set dwunastu ataków na narząd słuchu!
Zespol odkryl coś, o czym zapomniały już niektóre tzw. „wielkie nazwy”, że nie ma sensu skupiać się na milionie riffów i kompozycji tysiąca kawałków. Aries Vehemens postawił na doprowadzenie swoich 12 kawałków do perfekcji kompozycyjnej i brzmieniowej. Materiał nie nudzi. Nie slychac żadnych powieleń czy zapożyczeń pomimo czasem oczyswistych skojarzen.
VENGEANCE WITHIN “Deifying The Human Intellect”
Release date: Early 2014, Self-released

VENGEANCE WITHIN is the Studio Metal project from Sonny Luciano and Jeff Robbins from Cleveland, Ohio. This project was started with the intention of it being a working/touring band in 2008. Unable to keep steady members, Sonny decided to make it a studio project in order to release the music. Sonny had recorded all guitars and programmed drums and the music was ready! All that was missing was a vocalist! In 2013 Sonny brought in vocalist Jeff Robbins into the fold! With the final piece added, vocal tracks were added and the music was mixed and mastered by Brandon Youngs from Track Six Productions in Cleveland, Ohio! The full length album Titled’ Deifying The Human Intellect” will be slated for a release in early 2014, but will be available for streaming through the several online radio station and shows.
Listen to the title track from the album: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTqCmH21uQM  
SCUTUM CRUX "The Second Sun"
Release date: December 2013, by Immortal Frost Production

SCUTUM CRUX was founded in 2003 by Demiurge (Sturmtiger, Necrosadistic Goat Torture) and led as a studio project when several songs, filled with an influenced power and reason, have been written, mixed and recorded. The first promo material has been released, containing 3 of these songs. A proper band was established in 2011, after another damned souls have joined, Svarth (Actum Nocturnum, Death In Veins) and in 2012 Nebullah-Q who injected even more energy into the entire project. Sick and destructive bass lines combined with drums of war, riffs from hellish deeps and lyrics full of abomination create an epic structure of the mighty Scutum Crux.
With this line up, Scutum Crux started to perform introducing a new way of understanding the past and looking into the future from a different angle.
In September 2013 Scutum Crux has signed with Immortal Frost Productions for the release of their first Full Length album “The Second Sun”. The Full Length will be released in December 2013 on CD t and will be limited to 500 copies. Scutum Crux lurked in the darkness for years and now revealed, giving others the chance to understand the sense of existence.
HAEMORRHAGE - "Live Carnage: Feasting On Maryland"
Release date: December 24th 2013, by HPGD Prod. 

Spanish masters of gore Haemorrhage make their HPGD debut with their first ever live CD, recorded at Maryland Deathfest X! "Live Carnage: Feasting On Maryland" was recorded on May 26th 2012 and captures the energetic performance as if you were there live, with audio taken directly from the soundboard, then professionally mastered at the House Of Grind. To preserve the intensity and sheer brutality of their performance, there are no edits or effects of any kind, just Haemorrhage in their rawest, most organic form! The set list consists of killer cuts from their crushing Relapse Records debut "Hospital Carnage" as well as classic(k) tracks from their back catalog. For those who missed them at MDF, or if you witnessed the insanity live, this CD will not disappoint as these goregrind destroyers annihilate your eardrums with guttural vocals, meaty riffs and powerful blast beats! Features cover art by Luisma himself and a layout full of photos and liner notes documenting the experience. For fans of Carcass, Dead Infection, Exhumed, General Surgery, Gut, Impaled, Impetigo, Jig-Ai, Machetazo, Regurgitate, Rompeprop and SquashBowels
THY WORSHIPER "Czarna Dzika Czerwien"
Release date: December 22nd 2013, Self-released/ Independent

THY WORSHIPER to wrocławski zespół pagan metalowy powstaly w 1993 roku.  W ich muzyce słychać inspiracje muzyką etniczną wywodzacą sią z kultury słowianskiej i celtyckiej.
W roku 1996 zespól wydał swoją najbardziej znaną płytę: „Popiół (Introibo ad Altare Dei)”, po czym zawiesił działalność. Zespół wrócił w roku 2005 z nowym demo "Signum". W 2006 roku, nakładem Eastside Records, wydał płytę studyjną „Signum”.
Wkrótce później Marcin Gąsiorowski (zalozyciel zespolu) wyjechał z kraju i zamieszkał w Irlandii. W 2009 roku poznał Dariusza Kubalę i razem postanowili reaktywować zespół.
W styczniu 2010 roku Thy Worshiper wszedł do studia i nagrał demo: „Opowieść Jednej Nocy”.
W 2012 roku Thy Worshiper rozpoczął pracę nad nowym materiałem, który ukończył i nagrał w marcu 2013 w Westland Studio w Dublinie. Album "Czarna Dzika Czerwień" ukazal sie w grudniu 2013.
LEGIONS OF WAR "Forced To The Ground"
Release date: December 20th, 2014 by Inferno Records

This new armada shows a more aggressive and still heavier side of LEGIONS OF WAR! Guitar riffscut like scalpels, rythmics are like hammers coming down in a relentless manner, vocals are raw and scorched (but still very clear, no growls or grunts... or hysterical screams) and express all the atrocities of war like never before... The style is basically THRASH with a very personal approach (the whole concept is about WAR, which means the sound is very cold) but has definitely a strong HEAVY METALinfluence... Guitar solos are the undeniable proof as well as some acoustic parts that willmake your blood freeze! For fans of DESTROYER'666, GOSPEL OF THE HORNS, KREATOR and SODOM!
HECATE ENTHRONED "Virulent Rapture"
Release date: December 13th 2013, Inverse Records/ Crank Music Group

The UK Forefathers of Black Metal HECATE ENTHRONED are back after nine years of silence. Virulent Rapture is a no holds barred assault on your senses, a heavy slab of HE metal, blending crushing riffs and skin stripping guitars with epic and intense choirs and orchestration - Delivered at a breathless pace with surgical precision and hatred!
HECATE ENTHRONED bassist, Dylan Hughes stated about the band's upcoming CD: "The new material is very much guitar-driven, lots of heavy and fast riffs (tuned to C#), giving a relentless feeling to the tracks which we have tempered with a big orchestral sound. The choirs and orchestras have always been a big part of the sound with HECATE and that is very true with this material. In some parts, it recaptures some of the moods from the very early releases. Because of the fact we are recording ourselves, we aren't pressured too much by time constraints and can spend more time on getting the right sound and mix as we feel in the past we have had to sacrifice certain things to reach a recording deadline."
HALBERD "Ruthless Game"
Release date: December 13th 2013 by Metal Scrap Records

Band HALBERD was founded in July, 2012 at St. Petersburg, as a remake of the band Brain's Damage, from Omsk, which was attended by guitarist
Denis Ivanov. The musical direction was not discussed initially it was decided that it would be Thrash Metal in the most classical of its manifestation. Over a relatively short period, the band gathered material and musicians began to record their debut EP. The recording was completed in January, 2013 and in March of the same year was recorded one more track "The Time Of Temptation", with the participation of another guitarist from the same Brain's Damage, Ruslan Tebenkov (now Metropolis, Omsk) .
During the year of existence the band’s line up changed several times and eventually found the right people willing to make common cause and do not stop at reached. Band took part in many concerts, both local and visiting. In autumn 2013, HALBERD signed a contract with Ukrainian label Metal Scrap Records. Mini-album "Ruthless Game" was released December 13, 2013
ALGHAZANATH "The Three-Faced Pilgrim"
Release date: 13th December 2013, Inverse Records/ Woodcut Records

ALGHAZANATH has been in existence for 18 years and has throughout its rather lengthy lifespan incorporated elements of the more melodic kind into its more or less traditional brand of black metal. The lyrical aspects of Alghazanth have always revolved around Satanism and all that it entails, but just like the musical expression itself has been refined, also the blade of the Living Word has become sharper as the years have gone by... Alghazanth has released a total of seven full-length albums. Even though the basic components have remained somewhat the same on all seven albums, the current approach took shape after The Polarity Axiom when half of the sextet parted ways with the band and the responsibility over the compositions moved wholly onto Grimort and Thasmorg’s shoulders. Adapting to such drastic changes took some time but it was clear right from the start that all this was only for the best. The three most recent albums certainly stand testament to this fact.
The Three-faced Pilgrim is not only lyric- and musicwise Alghazanth’s strongest album, it also symbolically marks a new revolution of the wheel as, after over a decade of concentrating solely on the guitar, Thasmorg is now handling the vocals again. In addition, he also switched from the role of a guitarist to that of a bass-player. This change, along with Mordant joining the ranks to share the guitar duties with Grimort, brought a welcomed breath of fresh air into the rehearsal space. When the time came to start recording the new tracks, a decision was made to find someone new to work with, someone who would be exactly on the same page as the band. It so happened that the person to fill these shoes was not entirely new as Jari “Tupi” Tuomainen, the engineering wizard behind the seventh full-length album, worked as an intern at Tico Tico studio back in 1998 when Alghazanth was there recording Thy Aeons Envenomed Sanity. New line-up adjustments and different decisions in production elevated Alghazanth’s sound to a new level – and the evidence to back up this claim is for all to hear on the brand-new offering, The Three-faced Pilgrim.
Release date: December 13th 2013 by Inverse Records

BLIND SECRECY is Finnish, South Karelian band,which is founded in 2006. During years 2006-2007, band released their first two demo CD´s "Crushed" and "...of the dying land", and 2008 first promotional CD, "Miscast Angel". After 4 year break, the bad recorded first mini-album "Arise" and released first music video "Unburden". In the end of the year 2012 they recorded one new song called "Man on the edge". Blind Secrecy released in feb 2013 video titled "Man on the edge", after that band focused mainly exercising and doing new material. Band did also few gigs. At some point at summer 2013 Inverse records contacted band and started to talk about cooperation. As a result band will have its first official release at December 2013. 
DEF/LIGHT "Transcendevil"
Release date: November 30th, 2013 by Metal Scrap Records

Second full-length album released by Ukrainian Black/Death Metal band DEF/LIGHT. The new work of musicians has significant progress as at the material such at the sound. "Transcendevil" didn’t lost melody, but became much heavier than the previous full-length album. Album’s themes are monolithic and give a general tough tone for the all album. Symphonic instruments section emphasizes aggressive of the compositions in the album, and fully symphonic track "Septem Million" - a real step forward in the development of the band. The mystical and philosophical lyrics as well as outstanding musicians thoughtful approach to their creativity really highlights this good work.
Recommended for fans of: Dimmu Borgir, Hate, Behemoth, Flashgod Apocalypse, Anorexia Nevrosa etc.
Tracks to listen to: http://metalscraprecords.bandcamp.com/album/def-light-transcendevil-cd
INDOCTRINE "Unto The Fall"
Release date: November 29th 2013 by Inverse Records

INDOCTRINE is a 4-member metal band from Finland. Yet the band hasn’t been around longer than since 2012 they have already established strong vision of what they want to do: to take the listener on a musical trip from Gothenburg to Oslo while giving them an honest Finnish ass-whooping. In other words, INDOCTRINE plays melodic death metal with strong influences of black metal - metal with great deal of intensity, melancholia and catchy melodies. That´s the concept of INDOCTRINE´s second EP “Unto the Fall”. 
IN PROCESS "Surgery"
Release date: November 29th 2013 by Inverse Records

IN PROCESS is a groove metal band founded in 2006, based in Helsinki, Finland. After some time of keeping a low profile, the band went through some lineup changes and was reactivated in the beginning of 2012. In late 2012, the band headed to the studio and recorded a 5-track EP, "Surgery", which contains 17 minutes of aggressive, rhythm-based tribal metal. The lyrics deal with life's difficulties and death stemming from the thoughts that a heart in process goes through when observing the world around it. At the moment the band is preparing material for a full-length debut album. 
LESCH-NYHAN "Indistinguished Remains"
Release date: November 26th 2013, by HPGD Prod.

are one of the pioneers of Death Metal; formed in 1989, they played a key role in the early formation of the genre. With a sound that was creative, new and unique at the time, the band was approached by Peaceville in 1991 but split up before releasing anything through the label. Horror Pain Gore Death Productions is proud to present the only known Lesch-Nyhan recording, taken directly from the original high quality DAT tape of their legendary Demo. "Indistinguished Remains" is full of malicious grinding power... brutal breakdowns, demonic riffage, hideous blast beats, inhuman bass and unimaginable vocals that shift between guttural lows and maniacal highs. Features new cover artwork by John Hartman (Mortal Decay/Waking The Cadaver), a new revised layout and full, complete lyrics. A true underground classic for fans of Autopsy, Bolt Thrower, Carcass, Demigod, Demilich,DisharmonicOrchestra, Gorguts, Immolation, Napalm Death, Obituary, Possessed and Pungent Stench.
Listen to the full track from this album: http://www.horrorpaingoredeath.com/store/hpgd075.html
SKYDANCER "Land Of The Grim"
Release date: November 25th 2013, by Suspiria Records

Land Of The Grim was recorded and produced by Dany Soengas, trying to stay away from fashioned metal, looking for a classic and solid sound loyal to their cause: play the music they love, as they love. Most of the lyrics and the general themes of the album, are inspired once again by the feelings and myths of their homeland, Galicia.One of their most personal songs ¨O Peso do Tempo¨, is sung in galician language and ¨The Galician Exile¨ is the result of their recent history. In other ones as ¨Ancestral Lands¨ the author isjust meandering.
COLD COLD GROUND - Lies About Ourselves
Release date: November 22th 2013, by Inverse Records

Helsinki-based Cold Cold Ground will release their second album on November 15th in Finland and November 22nd internationally. The album, titled «Lies About Ourselves», provides the listener with 10 tracks of industrial-influenced, dark and noisy rock. Vocalist Hauptmann D. has this to say about the album:«We've banged our heads against a wall for the last ten years and now we can finally stand behind what we have done. The album is something of a rollercoaster ride through the ups and downs of our minds, and at times we even stop to think about serious things in a larger scale. The album is filled with a variety of emotions – at times it makes you want to shake your booty, but there is also some slit-your-wrists material. Ten songs of pure exuberance – on from one disappointment towards the next one!»
The album was preceded by the single/music video track "Welcome to Hell":
MAD HATTER'S DEN "Welcome to The Den"
Release date: November 22nd 2013, by Inverse Records

Mad Hatter's Den is a melodic heavy metal band from Finland. The band draws musical influences from classic metal bands like Iron Maiden,Judas Priest, Accept, Dio and Rainbow, but that's not the whole story. The music of Mad Hatter's Den owes in style and sound to heavier 1980's thrash/speed metal bands like Megadeth and Anthrax as well. Some songs have been inspired by progressive rock from bands like Rush, and their line-up with a keyboard player also carries some classical elements into the music.Mad Hatter's Den always delivers nice hard rock tunes, great riffs and catchy melodies for their fans, but the band's ambition is to satisfy the more demanding listeners as well. The depth of Mad Hatter's Den'smusic, with an abundance of different elements inside their songs, is a surprise for most, and even a challenge for some. Influences from bands like Alice Cooper and King Diamond certainly add some very nice flavours to Mad Hatter's Den's sound.The band started playing in 2010, but all the pieces of the puzzle fell in place two years later, when vocalist Taage Laiho joined the band. Mad Hatter's Den released The Dark Wheel EP in 2012 and the Stone Cold Flame single in early 2013. Their EP was very well received live, and critically acclaimed as well. Mad Hatter's Den's new album Welcome to the Den reveals a much wider scale of styles and also has stronger song material. The album includes 10 songs, of whichone is an instrumental.Are you ready to step inside the Den? Welcome to the Den is released in Finland, and 22nd November worldwide by the Finnish record label Inverse Records/ www.madhattersden.com
LOVIJATAR "Pimeän Tuoja"
Release date: November 22nd 2013, by Inverse Records

LOVIJATAR is Finnish act combining Stoner Rock to Pagan/Folk -  influences. Band is releasing it's debut full length «Pimeän Tuoja» (Eng. The Bringer of the Dark) on November 1st 2013 The line-up of Lovijatar concists from crew known from bands like Battlelore, Elephant Bell and Boner. The lyrical inspirations comes from Finnish epic folklore Kalevala and old Finnish poetry. Melodic ideas come partially from traditional Karelian keens of requiems (itkuvirsi) that have been recorded at the beginning of the 1900's when the last traditional folk singers were still alive. “I feel that we must do music in finnish because it is our mother language and if really want to evoke emotion we can not do it in another languages. We have lost lots of old Finnish culture and it is best preserved in folk poetry. That’s the only place where we can really go and find something ancient from our heritage. “, Guitarist Rautio tells.
Band page: www.lovijatar.com 
DEAD END Finland "Season of Withering"
Release date: November 22nd 2013, by
Inverse Records

Q / Where and when your group was established?
A /
DEAD END FINLAND was established inHelsinki. With this squad, we have beenoperating since 2008.
Q / We know that this ”Season of Withering”is not your first release. Do you deny this?A / No, we do not deny. We came out in 2012with a publication entitled ”Stain of Disgrace”.
Q / Your declaration is against society and you are questioning the prevailing powerstructures. Who do you want to provoke? Do you agitate resistance movement?
A / No comments.
Q / We know that your first publication waswell received, and you got a lot of supporters.What do you want to achieve with this release?
A / We wanted to continue more or less on thesame track, but also wanted to make the newpublication even better than the first one.We are now tougher and meaner.
Q / Last summer, you were supposed to hiton several major Finnish festivals, such asthe Nummirock and Kivenlahtirock. Why didn’tyou actually strike?
A / It is true that we have been asked tostrike in many places. However, we refused,because we were not willing to come out beforewe are perfectly ready. But when we do comeout, it will be noticed.
Q / So, where are you going to strike next?
A / No comments.
Q / We are able to find features of severalstyles in how you operate. We classify youractions as melodic metal. How do you commenton this?
A / We do not agree or deny. That’s youropinion. We believe our style represents Dead End Finland.
Dead End Finland:
DAWN OF TEARS "Act III: The Dying Eve"
Release date: November 22nd 2013, by Inverse Records

DAWN OF TEARS - this 5 pieced band based in Spain was born when former member andcomposer, J.L. Trebol, decided to set up a project, with ambition and attitude, mainly influenced by melodeath and gothic metal, but also open minded to incorporate many other different music styles, far from hard sounds, such as OST´s, orchestral arrangements or classical variations.Their succesful self released debut, "DESCENT"was nominated on international Metal Storm awards 07 as best melodeath/Gotheborg album of the year, in the same cathegory as Arch Enemy and Dark Tranquillity, they reached the third position.The following EP "DARK CHAMBER LITANIES", with an extensive promo campaign conducted by Lugga music and Laballo Comunicación, achieved an amazing high number of excellent reviews and ratings from people and media all over the world, mainly focused on their emotive, passionate, inspired compositions, and a personal way of developing melodic death metal.This helped them to tour extensively and share stage in Spain and abroad with top bands such as Dimmu Borgir, Amon Amarth, Dark Tranquillity, Moonsorrow, Destruction, Grave Digger, Napalm Death, Charon, At Vance, Onslaught, Cynic, Dew Scented, Killers, AngelusApatrida or Thurisaz...among others.
Check the pages:
http://dawnoftears.org and https://www.facebook.com/DAWNOFTEARS  
ADHUK “Rituals of Personal Universe”
Release date: November 20th, 2013 with help of Black Plague Records and Metallic Media Records

ADHUK is the Polish black metal band formed in Nowy Targ in 2012. Although the band is new, these guys are very well known from their other bands and previous activities... Ulfar (Rarog’g, ex-Algor), Orias (ex-Algor) and Abygrel (Blackhorned Saga, ex-Ov Plagues),  have created the ADHUK debut album for old and new black metal fans on their own way of reality perception. Listening to “Rituals of Personal Universe” is like looking outside the universe and looking inside yourself. Be sure, you’ll find there unknown realities and infinity of possible things...
Full track from the album here:
THE GOVERNOR'S BALL "The Governor's Bash 7 EP"
Release date: November 19th 2013, from Asher Media

Zombitrol Productions and Blacktooth Entertainment with host The Governor from The Governor's Ball - The "Mighty" Metal and Comedy Show have put together a FREE DOWNLOAD compilation in support of the 7th edition of The Governors Bash on November 23rd at The Bovine Sexclub in Toronto, ON featuring grindcore legends Fuck The Facts along with local support from sludge noisemakers Godstopper and Slyde, a band inspired by European melodic metal, Japanese video gamemusic, and Western rock.
Release date: November 15th 2013, by Inverse Records

A project that started out in 2004 as two guys playing and experimenting with grindcore, GORESOERD has quickly evolved into the spearhead of intelligent, vicious and tongue-in-cheek extreme music in the Estonian scene. Goresoerd’s music can be described as a truly eclectic feast with influences varying from mainstream rock to crust hardcore. Hectic, hyper-driven and entertaining live shows have paved the way for the band’s success. In February 2010 Goresoerd unleashed its second full-length, entitled „Tüdruk ja Surm” („Maiden And Death”), backed by an unerring sense of hit-worthiness and the solid punch delivered in the lyrics by the legendary and infamous Estonian writer Sven Kivisildnik — resulting in a bizarre „rock opera” involving lethally precise death metal riffing, catchy melodic soloing and violent, varied vocal hooks, wherein all possible borders between the real and the grotesque come down in a sickly bout ofgallows-humor.
Band page:
Release date: November 12th 2013, by HPGD Prod.

Cross between Slayer, Motorhead, and Beer! Hammer Fight return to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions with their new full length "Chug Of War". Combining ripping guitars, bass leads and gritty dirty vocals, New Jersey's HAMMER FIGHT stand out from the rest with a unique sound. "Chug Of War" is a rockin' album of drunken madness for fans of Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Anthrax, Slayer, Blood Duster, Blood For Blood, Carnivore, Thin Lizzy, Gang Green and Venom.

Listen to the full track from the album:
Release date: November 12th 2013

Inspired by life and charged with fast and heavy grooves, screaming solos and powerful vocals, Montreal, QC's Trainwreck Architect will bring you back to the roots of metal with a few surprises along the way. Gearing up to unleash their debut album 'Traits of The Sick' officially on November 12, 2013. The self described “wreck n’ roll” band have put together a ten track head banging party featuring an eclectic mix of thrash, classic metal and rock dealing with the idea of humans being human and never willing to be completely satisfied.''Our first album has all the traits of a sick album!!! We are really proud to release it! We had a good time in studio recording gang vocals with friends. From a guitarist's point of view, hearing how Jeff Waters would perform a solo over one of our track was a really inspiring experience! We are confident that old-school metal fans as well as extreme metal fans will have a blast when listening toit!'' comments guitarist Renaud Baril.The band is now streaming the first track off the album 'As Killers Breathe', which features a guitar solo from Annihilator's Jeff Waters whom also mastered the album.
Bandcamp: http://trainwreckarchitect.bandcamp.com/track/as-killers-breathe
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7cpRoTLFL0 
YGODEH "The Experiment Interrupted"
Release date: November 2013, by Inverse Records

YGODEH was founded in October of 2009 by Pavel Stepanov aka “Piton” after scrapping his previous symphonic metal band “Disease”, which is reported to be the longest lived metal project in Daugavpils up to now and having a pivotal influence on the local rock-scene. He invited Victor “Feka” Rinkevich (ex-“SvinKTR”) to perform the vocal and lyrics writing duties, thus, forming the core of the band, which immediately focused on studio work and recording fresh material together. Right from the start “YGODEH” proved a daring challenge to the stylistic versatility and compositional complexity mainly due to Pitons passion for experimentation and extensive use of additional symphonic elements. In February 2012, Ygodeh found just that in Andre.S Cura aka “Serberus” (ex-BlackDespair), allowing them to perform for the first time as a live band on stage at Surface festival 2012. Receiving nothing but great responses from audiences they began recording their second album with Serberus. With his mechanical vocal delivery it made the second album a step into the experimental direction. Receiving good reviews from critics in France, UK and Russia it landed them as the most played band in the Russian Heavy Metal Guide February 2013. In the meantime they have just announced to have recorded a cover of “Symbolic” by death metal band Death, which is to be released soon. A tour is also in the works to support “The Experiment Interrupted” album. Much like its name, Ygodeh’s sound is extremely enigmatic. Whilst
incorporating different genres of metal it seamlessly flows unpredictably into something unique, mesmerising and unforgettable.
A solid quartet with every second appreciating this new Synthetic Death Metal For Your Brain!
NAVALM "Recovery of Sync"
Release date: November 4th 2013 (World), by
Metal Scrap Records

The debut full-length album from Ukrainian Death Metal band.
Musically from the first track the listener grasps by brutal Death Metal tornado, which promises to keep it real hard tension throughout the album. Bright surround vocals, sharp as a razor guitar, virtuoso bass parts, high-speed but sustained drums - all of this is the debut album of band
Lyric of album - is first of all dipping into the whole history, in to a long psychological process of self-knowledge where the dirtiest, ingenious thoughts of our mind could not leave anyone indifferent, indifferent to the protest, aggression and fury against an unjust social structure of society, of the main character by the name Frank.
At the album "Recovery Of Sync" in addition to the main genre Death  Metal you can also hear elements of such styles as: Punk Rock, Thrash Metal, Death'n'Roll and Grind Core.
Listen to 3 full tracks from the album:
THE NO-MADS "Lost Control"
Release date: October 31st 2013, by Thrashing Madness

Polish thrash metal band with probably the best female vocal formed in 1999. Thanks to fans’ voting, THE NO-MADS were in the ‘Top 10 of the Year 2003’ in the Polish edition of ‘Metal Hammer’ in the categories of: Debut of the year and Hit of the year.
The band constantly plays in music clubs and at festivals in Poland, Germany and Czech Rep. THE NO-MADS supported DESTRUCTION, SODOM, FLOTSAM & JETSAM, HOLY MOSES, ONSLAUGHT, played at Metalmania 2006 (one of the biggest metal fest in East Europe). In 2011 the crew was co-headliner on Polish part of tour Danish tech-thrashers ARTILLERY.
Sabina Classen invites Sylwia to perform together some evergreens always when Holy Moses is on tour in Poland. In the Editorial Staff Resume of Metal Hammer Polish edition within few years THE NO-MADS is mentioned in categories of: Polish group of the year, the best Polish song, Polish musician of the year. In Metal Hammer Readers Resume of 2008 and 2009, Sylwia was in the top five Polish rock/metal female vocalists.
Right now band proudly presents new fourth album "Lost Control".
Listen to the album: http://thenomads.pl/en/
SOUL REMNANTS "Black And Blood"
Release date: October 31st 2013, by HPGD Prod.

SOUL REMNANTS make their Horror Pain Gore Death Productions debut with their punishing sophomore album "Black And Blood". Hailing from Massachusetts, Soul Remnant's journey further into the darkness... revealing the shattered sound of destroyed souls. Following the road of corpses left by legends like Death, Suffocation, Carcass and Deicide, "Black And Blood" is a transformative concoction; thrashing together elements of Scandinavian Black Metal, old school Floridian/brutal Death Metal and unearthly mind searing guitar solos. The end result is an overflowing cauldron of blood, which spews forth pure bone-crushing madness! The release comes housed in a high quality 6 panel digipak complete with full lyrics and showcases the stellar "Black And Blood" artwork. For fans of Cannibal Corpse, Carcass, Death, Decapitated, Deicide, Hypocrisy, Slayer, Suffocation and Terrorizer.
Listen to a full track from the album: http://www.horrorpaingoredeath.com/store/hpgd073.html
SCARECROW "Flesheaters III" (Special Edition)
Release date: October 31st 2013, by HPGD Prod.

SCARECROW make their Horror Pain Gore Death Productions debut with the energetic album "Flesheaters III". This Halloween prepare for the ultimate in Horror Metal; a very interesting and intense combination of Death/Thrash with a healthy dose of Black Metal and Punk elements. Scarecrow are a force to be reckoned with a fresh sound that is rough, heavy, fast, raw and melodic. "Flesheaters III" is complete horror, terror and destruction!
Special Edition CD includes 4 bonus tracks recorded live at Selviytyjät fest in Jalasjärvi, Finland 2012. A must have release for fans of Bludwulf, Danzig, Disfear, Driller Killer, Entombed, Genocide Superstars, Marduk, The Misfits, Motörhead, Nasum, Offspring, The Ramones, Samhain and White Zombie.
Listen to the full track from the album: http://www.horrorpaingoredeath.com/store/hpgd072.html 
Release date: October 29th 2013 by Pagan Records

Poland based black metal band MORD'A STIGMATA released their new, third album “Ansia” on the 29th of October 2013 via Pagan Records. Featuring five tracks with over 47 minutes playing time, “Ansia” is a multifaceted album that explores disturbing, hypnotic music with expansive experimentation rooted in black metal, but it goes much further than that. Mord’A’Stigmata is an impressive band, taking the black metal framework and pushing it into the psychedelic, avant-garde and experimental territories. Mord’A’Stigmata was formed in autumn 2004 in Bochnia, Poland by Static, Sickil, Doom L. Voxmord Stigmator V’nderer and Sadist, each of them connected to the local black metal scene. Since the very beginning, the aim of a group was to make music different than the sounds of other extreme metal bands. This resulted in incorporating influences of electronic music and synthesis of various other genres. In 2008 the band releases their debut album “Überrealistic”, and in the same year the firstline-up has almost broken up. New members gave the band new possibilities and brand new music tastes, which culminated with “Antimatter”, an album recorded by Static, Silencer, Ion, DQensemble and released in 2011. This particular line-up persists in almost the same form until today, and it still explores disturbing, hypnotic music.
In 2013 Mord’A’Stigmata signs with Pagan Records to release third full-length album “Ansia”.
Release date: October 29th 2013

Inspired by the writings of some of the world’s most renowned authors, including H.P. Lovecraft, H.G. Wells, Homer among many others. 'Tales' explores a more melodic and progressive sound than ever before, but still staying true to the group’s extreme aggression roots. The follow-up to 2011’s Elder Lore/The Dark Arts, demonstrates TRIBUNE’s brawn and brains with a collusion of extremity and accessibility.
As the band’s appetite for more extreme metal
increased, bands like Carcass, Death and At The Gates began bleeding into their melting pot of influences, resulting in a fresh take on their fine metal sound, which can be heard echoing inthe depths of TRIBUNE’s Tales.
Check the page: http://www.tribunemetal.com/ 
BLACK ALTAR "Suicidal Salvation"
Release date: October 25th 2013 by Darker Than Black Records

Nakładem niemieckiej Darker Than Black Records ukazał się niedawno
nowy minialbum polskich black metalowców z BLACK ALTAR - "Suicidal
Salvation". Materiał ten, wydany w formie digipacku, zawiera utwory,
które początkowo miały znaleźć się na splicie z SHINING. Już teraz płyty
możecie posłuchać w ofcjalnym streamie na  www.musickmagazine.pl
1. The Sentence
2. Suicidal Salvation
3. Journey to the Astral Realm (instrumental)
4. Pulse ov the Universe
5. 666 MegaBeast   
DEATH TOLL RISING "Infection Legacy"
Release date: October 22nd 2013 (Self-release)

DEATH TOLL RISING: Originally formed in 2003 in Stony Plain, AB, Canada, they have been grinding the Western Canadian metal scene steadily, gaining huge momentum over the last 3 years. New addition Tylor Dory on guitars has introduced a technical and progressive element to the band they have not had in the past. Add in the intense and relentless drumming provided by Bryan Newbury (recently recruited by Canadian Prog/Death powerhouse INTO ETERNITY), as well as the well-rounded rhythm provided by Drew Copeland on guitar and Mike Puff on bass, and you get a monster that is only now being unleashed upon the masses. Vocalist Jesse Berube tops things off with a combination of brutal death growls and Tomas Lindberg-esqe high shrieks. After a successful string of shows and tours throughout 2010 and 2011, in support of their first full length album “Defecation Suffocation”, Death Toll Rising went back to the studio to record their follow up sophomore release ‘Infection Legacy’, now set to beunleashed this coming October 2013.
PSYCHEMA "Dust of Bygones"
Release date: October 19th 2013, by Inverse Records

Psychema - a metal band from Helsinki, Finland - was formed in 2007. Their highly original and dynamic music combines melodic metal with brutality, dark atmosphere and progressive grooves. Lyrics are stories about anguish in everyday life, but spiced with some moments of optimism. To date Psychema has released one EP and one full-length album, both of which received some excellents reviews in media. Highlights were 4/5 rating at Finnish Inferno magazine and very pleasing reviews at various webzines like Valkyrian Music, MetalBite, Encyclopaedia Metallum and 339 Metal.
In October 19th 2013 Psychema releases a new single/EP, called Dust
Of Bygones. It consists of four tracks - two new songs and two bonus tracks. Track #4, Solace In Void, is a remixed and remastered radio edit version of perhaps the most acclaimed song of The EntryPoint album.
Title track:
Release date: October 15th 2013, by Galy Records

Assaulting witnesses in both languages of French and English, Gatineau, QC death metal band INSURRECTION has blended its calculated technicality to create a signature mixture of merciless death metal that has emerged from the prominent Canadian scene.
Growing, modulating and mutating into a machine of an aural onslaught since their conception in 2003 by founding members Martin Samson and Stef Jomphe. The album is the follow up to 2010's ‘Fracture’, a dark prophecy of unforgivable times and a brutal soundtrack to the fall of man and 2009's ‘Prologue’, which gavefirst life to the band’s monstrosity. Strongly Recommended for fans of Decapitated, Testament, Bloodbath, Obliveon, Hypocrisy, Nevermore...
Band page: http://www.insurrectionmetal.com/en/index.asp 
OSHIEGO "The Great Architect Of Nothing"
Release date: October 15th 2013, by HPGD Prod.

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions welcome Singapore's premiere Death Metal masters OSHIEGO to the label with their sophomore album "The Great Architect Of Nothing". After almost a decade of their depraved existence, the pinnacle of sonic violence and total mayhem has arrived! Terrible certainty has arrived via a nasty mix of brutal riffage and Middle-Eastern stylings ala Melechesh and Nile, combined with an original yet old school Death Metal approach. Eight soul shattering original tracks of groovy, neck-breaking riffs, bonecrushing subsonic bass and primal, warlike exteme percussion plus a cover of Vomitory's 'The Voyage'. Beware as Oshiego plunges the worldinto complete chaos and bedlam!Full track for listening from the album: http://www.horrorpaingoredeath.com/store/hpgd071.html 
MOROR "Abyss"
Release date: October 7th 2013 (World), by
Metal Scrap Records

The first full-length album of Ukrainian Groove Metal / Metalcore band. Ten tracks bringing hurricane of guitar riffs, drum’s groove and vocal chanting. Starting with the first track you sink into the ocean of drive and powerful energy that does not let you go until the very end. Music that combines technically riffs and melodic solos; bright vocals spilling over from the truly heavy and hard to subtle and exquisite. No intro, no breaks, just the music without restrictions.
The main lyrical themes are divided into two opposites - the destruction and creation. This line is permeated the entire album. Poetry itself is fascinating and at the same time frightening. There’re affected the sickest threads of society: self-destruction, war, collapses. However at the album was found a place for ballad that will not leave anyone indifferent. All this creates a unique atmosphere in which everyone can find something of their own, immersing in the world of music created by MOROR band.
Listen to 3 full tracks from the album:
MEMORAIN "Seven Sacrifices"
Release date: October 4th 2013 (Ukraine), January 6th 2014 (World)

The seventh full-length album by the Greek Thrash Metal band.
MEMORAIN delivers oldschool Thrash Metal with a modern touch. The album contains eleven strong songs in a high speed tempo with aggressive and melodic touch, the same time. Taking the finest elements of Thrash and Speed Metal and mix them in an amazing result, and a combination of classic Metal structures crafted with modern elements! From the first until the last song, "Seven Sacrifices", is characterized by excessive force and slapdash pace, that makes the album must have for all the fans of Thrash Metal!!
Special guest appearances by: David Ellefson (Megadeth), Jed Simon (Strapping Young Lad) and Michael Gilberd (Flotsam And Jetsam)!!!
Listen to tracks from the album from Metal Scrap Records:
RAM-PAGE "The Depths Of Rage"
Release date: October 4th 2013 (Ukraine), January 6th 2014 (World)

The third full-length album of Russian Thrash/Death Metal band."The
Depths Of Rage" - strong Metal slaughter, riched by plexuses of Thrash and Death Metal. Music has become even faster and more aggressive, in addition to all, complementing with ferocious screaming.The album features 12 killing tracks, different in tempo and level of rigidity, but in spite of the band’s emphasis on the severity of the sound, melodic enough.The album recorded at one of the best studios in Moscow - Play Studio.Eugene Postebaylo, known for his work with covers Deicide, had a hand in design of the booklet. Perfect Perfect artwork of the album, like the last time, belongs to the hand of Aurora Wagner. The disc itself is decorated with collector's pit-art.
For fans of: Exodus, Kreator, Death, Slayer. Listen to 3 full tracks from the album:
ARMAGEDON "Thanatology"
Release date: October 2nd 2013 by Mystic Production

Już 2 października ukaże się nowy album polskiej legendy ekstremalnego metalu, formacji ARMAGEDON. Krążek będzie zatytułowany "Thanatology" i znajdzie się na nim osiem nowych kawałków. Materiał został zarejestrowany i wyprodukowany wspólnie przez zespół oraz Arka Maltę Malczewskiego w studiach Politechniki Gdańskiej, Piano Art Kwidzyn oraz Sound Division.
Muzycy komentują: "Zniszczenie czas zacząć! Po blisko czterech latach od wydania albumu "Death Then Nothing" uderzamy ponownie. Po wielokroć silniej i dojrzalej z nowym, dewastatorskim materiałem. Dzikość i precyzja w dźwiękach, nostalgia w tekstach. Nowa płyta to osiem wielce niepokojących obrazów odchodzenia, to również niepowtarzalna produkcja brzmieniowo-graficzna. Tak, jesteśmy dumni z naszego nowego dzieła! Już we wrześniu przedstawimy Wam kolejną odsłonę Thanatology. Wypatrujcie nas na horyzoncie, albowiem nadchodzi kolejny, jeszcze silniejszy Armagedon!"
Zespół udostępnił fanom pierwszy utwór z płyty zatytułowany "Cemeteries", którego można posłuchać tutaj:
Po wydaniu płyty, która ukaże się również poza granicami Polski,zespół planuje trasę koncertową. Więcej informacji: www.armagedon.net.pl
UNBEING "Unbeing"
Release date: October 1st 2013 (Self-realised)

UNBEING: Rising out of Montreal’s bubbling metal underground, it can be said that Unbeing have been through it all. Starting out as a three-piece, members came and went, two demos were released to an overwhelmingly positive response, the band won Metal Académie 2 – a
two-month-long competition where the band impressed both the audience and esteemed metal judges such as Kataklysm to take home top honors – then decided to shake things up again. Taking the judges’ advice to heart, Unbeing opted to no longer continue sacrificing their creative liberties, removing vocals all-together to finally discovered its true nature in the form of a five-piece ProgEpic InstruMetal band. But alas, seven years after the birthing cries of Unbeing tore holes in the fabric of space and time, individually and as a whole, they have overcome hardships, laughed in the face of danger and stomped on the charred corpse of impossibility. In 2011, the band released its debut full-length album (now set for re-release in 2013) before solidifying its name in the metal community as afive-piece outfit.
BLISS OF FLESH "Beati Pauperes Spiritu"
Release date: October 1st 2013 by Season of Myst

BLISS OF FLESH spreads a brutal and insane Black Death metal on the European extreme music scene for several years now. After their debut album“Emaciated Deity” unanimously acclaimed by criticism, they profess the coitus with their new album "Beati pauperes spiritu". This brutal and ecstatic album will awake the miasma of your guts and eradicate all light in your soul. Let’s walk on the paths to expiation and embrace your guilt.

« Beati pauperes spiritu quoniam ipsorum est regnum caelorum »
"Blessed in spirit are the poor, for theirs is the kingdom of the heavens" - Beati Pauperes Spiritu is a word of the Christ in the Gospel (St. Matthew 5:3) as well as the chant resounding during the ascent of the Mount Purgatory in Dante Alighieri's trilogy (Purgatory, Canto XII). Souls find rest only to the detriment of Reason and of Truth, abandoning their consciences just as we relieve ourselves of a heavy burden.

In the first album Emaciated Deity, we explored the human soul's miasmas and the internal conflict between morality and acceptance of evil which lies in each of us. Beati Pauperes Spiritu focused on repentance and guilt and wonders about the legitimacy of forgiveness. This album is a hymn to humiliation, shame and suffering.The 9 tracks of this opus accompany the audience on this initiatory and tortured road to expiation. The outcome belongs to you: follow the path of peace and stupidity or the one of chaos and truth. Our path is chosen... https://www.facebook.com/BLISSOFFLESH
FAUSTTOPHEL "Thirst Of Oblivion"
Release date: September 30th 2013 (World), by
Metal Scrap Records

The debut full-length album of Russian band FAUSTTOPHEL - it's a tandem of Melodic Death Metal drive, poethic symbolism of the early twentieth century, a grimy melancholy of Black Metal, with elements of ethnic romanticism of Gogol’s Ukraine - it is exactly identification of the creativity of FAUSTTOPHEL, bringing together the best traditions of the heavy old school stage of 90th. Music for those who appreciate creativity of Dan Swanö and such bands as: Edge Of Sanity, Gates of Ishtar, Unanimated and Old Man's Child.
Listen to 2 full tracks from the album:
COLD FEET CONTROL " Tales of Brokenhearted, Part II"
Release date: September 20th 2013, by
Inverse Records

COLD FEET CONTROL was formed in 2011 by a bunch of good friends who wanted to play a different style of metalcore. Four months after the band was formed, they went in to the studio to record their first debute EP "Shake it, Shake it!" which got a very good acceptance from the fans. Tales of the Brokenhearted was released on the 1st of January 2013 and the third EP, Tales of the Brokenhearted part 2 will be released on the 20th of September 2013. Juuso (the songwriter) tries to write always more brutal and heavier riffs but manages then always drop in some really deep and beautiful melodies with the guitar. So we guess then thats how the songs end up to become easy to listen to. The lyrics then deal about normal everyday life subjects. Some lyrics are more about our personal stuff, things that have happen in life and things what we think happen around us.For an example "What kind of drink is absinthe" song from Shake it! Shake it!-ep simply is a story about what we think might happen when you drink that crazy drink.
Then again "Bridges Burned" from our latest EP "Tales of the Brokenhearted" is a song about a failed relationship. We just try to give people a new way to think to be honest and maybe some people cannotice that they can find their own life situations in the songsand in that way adapt to the lyrics.
Band page: www.coldfeetcontrol.com 
VORNA "Ajastaika"
Release date: September 20th 2013 by
Inverse Records

VORNA is a melodic black/folk metal band from Tampere, Finland. The band's music have various influences from black metal to folk and rock. Lyrics are written in Finnish and often deal with themes like nature, myths and struggles of mind or emotions.The band was formed in the autumn 2008 and quite soon afterwards it was named after a Finnish folklore character; Vorna. Full line-up was reached in 2009 and it has remained the same ever since. During these five years Vorna has mostly stayed out of the spotlight and has persistently built its own style and sound. Now, after a few gigs and demos, Vorna introduces itself with the debut album Ajastaika which combines their points of interest which have been leading their journey so far: stories characterized by myths and strong emotions that are accompanied with melodic yet aggressive metal music through the four seasons of northern nature.
Promo track from the album "Kaivatun uni":
Band page: https://www.facebook.com/VornaOfficial
HYAENA RABID - "Homo... Homini... Hyaena!"
Release date: September 17th 2013 by HPGD Prod.

Chaotic and intense Grindcore from Italy! Hyaena Rabid hold nothing
back on their killer debut album "Homo... Homini... Hyaena!", which goes far beyond the standard Grind formula. A mix of furious blast beats, catchy Thrash and wicked Death Metal riffs, HYAENA RABID incorporate modern elements with a dedicated, old school mentality. Full of clarity, conviction and vision, "Homo... Homini... Hyaena!" is a must have for fans of Birdflesh, Brutal Truth, Ghoul, Malignant Tumour, Napalm Death, Rotten Sound, Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition and Venomous Concept. Awesome!
Link for listenning to track from the album:
DISSENSION "Of Time And Chronic Disease"
Release date: September 10th 2013 by Believe Digital

Band started out as Set to Kill in 2007 soon turned into a whole different beast, evolving and shedding its moniker to adopt one that was much more appropriate – DISSENSION. Trying to define a style that would set them apart, the Montreal quintet arrived at a truly unique and extra eclectic mix of thrash, black and power metal – a sound that soon got people paying attention. Playing with international heavyweights like Tyr, Threat Signal and Cryptopsy, Dissension debuted on the prestigious Heavy MTL stage in 2011 and made it to the finals of the Wacken Battle Canada this year.
"Of Time And Chronic Disease" is the band’s first studio album, produced by Kevin Jardine of Uplift Productions, (Slaves on Dope, What Comes To Life, One) and mastered by Ryan Morey (Arcade Fire, Priestess, Half Moon Run), and attacks the darker side of human nature, reaching epic heights and somber depths. Album for fans of Death, Dissection, Children of Bodom, Dimmu Borgir, Enslaved, Watain, Kreator, At the Gates, Amon Amarth...
Listen to title track on YouTube: http://youtu.be/MSwsB05TCeI
EMBLAZONED "The Living Magisterium"
Release date: September 3rd 2013 by Deepsend Records

What about them? Milwaukee (Wisconsin, US) the home of serial killers, corrupt local government, binge drinking on cheap beer, and statistically one of the worst cities to live in America. Also known as home for the blackened death metal band Emblazoned.
Take elements of classic Swedish mid 90’s death metal, mix it with non
necro production black metal and an I don’t give a fuck if you like it or not attitude - you have got EMBLAZONED since 1998.
In April 2013 they recorded "The Living Magisterium" at Belle City Sound with Chris Wisco producing. June 2013 - signed to Deepsend Records.
Click to hear "Bound By Eternal Penance" from the album:

Emblazoned official website: 
COFFINS "Colossal Hole" 10-inch Vinyl Record
Release date: August 20th 2013 by HPGD Prod.

COFFINS make their triumphant return to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions for a special, one time only pressing of "Colossal Hole" on limited, deluxe edition 10" vinyl! This sickening release features raw pre-production demo tracks from their Relapse Records debut "The Fleshland", and was previously only available as a limited cassette direct from the band. "Colossal Hole" is Coffins in their finest form... even heavier and more punishing than ever heard before!
This exclusive edition features cover artwork by Uchino himself and is hand numbered to 500 copies pressed on 45 RPM Black Night vinyl, packaged with a set of two horror movie style vomit/ barf bags complimented by a pair of numbered collectable event style tickets. Pure bonecrushing, terrifying Doom-infested Death Metal for fans of Abscess, Asphyx, Autopsy, Carnage, Celtic Frost, Cianide, Divine Eve, Grave, Hellhammer, Hooded Menace, Venom and Winter.
WARNING: Horror Pain Gore Death Productions and Coffins assume no responsibility for health problems that may arise while entering the Colossal Hole... No Saviour can rescue you from the Hellbringer!!!!!!!!
UNTIL DAWN "Horizon"
Release date: August 6th 2013 (Self-release)

UNTIL DAWN’s intense energy, intoxicating guitar riffs along with their lively stage shows has shown that their location in the remote northern depths of Fort McMurray, Alberta will not slow them down. Mixing the sound of modern metal and classic rock, brothers Luke and Deke Worrell, with Adam MacLeod and Steve White have created a sound appealing to both young and old alike. This modern sound with a classic throwback was evident in their self-titled debut that was released in early 2011. Since that release, Until Dawn has enjoyed great success from their hard work and determination.
The Horizon album has been a long time in the making. Vocalist Adam Macleod says regarding the album: "We started working on Horizon two years ago, and the concept came together fast. As a touring band, we are always staring into the horizon geared towards the next show. That’s what we are trying to convey with our next record. We spent an immense amount of time writing and doing pre-production to ensure we lived up to our own expectations and our fans." The band feels that Horizon is the best representation of what Until Dawn stands for.
Here you can watch "This Fallen Fortress" from the album: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxv2rt3-XLo
ALL ELSE FAILS "Fucktropolis"
Release date: July 30th 2013 by Suicidal Bride Records

Coming out of Edmonton Alberta Canada, ALL ELSE FAILS is making a mark around the world for their aggressively dark brand of metal that is breaking the traditional ideals of their genre. Drawing comparisons to bands like As I Lay Dying, the band infuses their music with a variety of elements that includes experimental, Classical, synth lines, ands poken word sampling to accent a unique blend of heavy as hell screams and shiver inducing clean vocals.
A high energy live show that sets them apart from their peers has garnered them appearances on numerous high level festivals over the years, including Van’s Warped tour, Boonstock and opening spots for artists like Protest the Hero, Cancer Bats, Dayglo Abortions, 3 Inches of Blood, Fear Factory, Threat Signal, Decapitated and Suffocation. The band’s last release received world wide praise from industry publications around the world. With the release of the band’s most recent music video “This Burden of Life” in the fall of 2012, and its addition to rotation on Canada’s Much Music, All Else Fails’ fan base expanded dramatically. July 30th 2013 marks the date of their heaviest and most diverse release to date, “Fucktropolis”. Heavy with a dark beauty, this highly anticipated 5 track EP, the band’s 4th release will solidly place All Else Fails amongst the best in their genre.

Watch the track "Better Left Undead" from the album: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Msj1GgtJNbg
Już 26 lipca 2013!!! (Defense Records)

Już 26 lipca nakładem Defense Records ukaże się druga część składanki Thrashing Damnation Thru Compilation!! Podobnie jak jedynka, także i vol. 2 będzie wypełniona po brzegi kopiącym dupę thrash metalem prezentownym przez najlepsze polskie thrashowe kapele undergroundowe.
Tym razem uszy słuchacza masakrować będą: DRILLER, THE-NO-MADS,
Thrashing Damnation 2 – to 11 zespołów, 24 numery, prawie 80 minut
muzyki w najlepszym wydaniu!!
W celu nabycia płyty (10 PLN) należypisać na thrashing.damnation@tlen.pl lub kontaktować się bezpośrednio z którąś z kapel.
Release date: July 23rd 2013 by
HPGD Prod.

Chicago's Death Metal titans unite with New York's up and coming Death Metal war machines for a destructive split 7-inch!
CARDIAC ARREST play vicious, relentless Death Metal with grinding intensity and neck-snapping aggression. Prepare for riffs that gouge out the eyes, solos that pierce the skin and rhythmic assaults that battery the body. Bulldozer grooves will inflict pain as devastating vocals pummel you with tales of horror. For fans of artists like Death, Terrorizer, Master, Cianide and Dismember.
MUTANT SUPREMACY play raw, hateful and uncompromising old school Death Metal that truly kills. Furious riffage, obliterating solos and punishing percussion are in full force with a balance of sheer brutality and depravity. Influenced by a variety of sources such as Slayer, Immolation, Deicide and Sadistic Intent, Mutant Supremacy have been compared to Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Entombed, and Bolt Thrower. This release is strictly limited to 500copies pressed on translucent Green vinyl... fucking sick!
KOHORTA "Pure Demon"
Release date: July 20th, 2013 (Self-released)

Pochodząca z Dobrego Miasta formacja Kohorta przygotowuje się do
wypuszczenia drugiej płyty, zatytułowanej "Pure Demon", będącej
następcą wydanego w 2012 roku albumu "Eyes Sewn Shut".
Na nowej płycie znajdzie się 7 premierowych utworów utrzymanych w stylistyce technicznego death metalu z progresywnymi elementami. Materiał zarejestrowano w domowym studio zespołu. Miksy to już robota Blackteammedia, podobnie jak gotowa już okładka oparta na pomysłach wokalisty Jarosława Mielczarka, znanego pod pseudonimem "Blackie". Frontman kapeli współpracował dotychczas z takimi formacjami jak Christ Agony czy Moon. Premierę Pure Demon zaplanowano na 20 dzień lipca, więc zapowiada się naprawdę piekielny upał!!!
Płytę można zamawiać na stronach zespołu. Więcej informacji:

PANZERCHRIST "7th Offensive"
Release date: July 15th, 2013
by Listenable Records

PANZERCHRIST the long running Danish Death Metal brigade led by Genral Michael Enevoldsen has released their 7th album entitled “7th Offensive” by Listenable Records following their previous and much acclaimed ' Regiment Ragnarok' album in 2011.
PANZERCHRIST have never quite done the same album twice. 'The 7th Offensive' shows a slightly more melodic and evil tainted approach on the guitars, enhancing the grey, sinister feel of a battlefield . It definitely sounds bleak. The band also welcomes back ultra-guttural and pure death metal vocals. Make no mistake, PANZERCHRIST's new album retain the violence and brutality the band has been known for.
Says the band: "The war is over, let's start a new one. Death Forever Panzer!"
Listen to the title track:
SANKTUARY "Something Fierce"
Release date: July 2nd 2013 by Spread The Metal Records

Travelling from Yukon to Nova Scotia may just be the greatest – in scale and awesomeness – trip any Canadian could ever imagine undertaking in their home country and yet, for SANKTUARY, one of legendary extreme metal label Spread the Metal Records’ latest additions, it was all just part of their musical journey.
Spawning from high school friendship and growing into something much more epic, Sanktuary kicked things off with two back-to-back EPs – 2009′s self-titled release and 2010′s Black Magic Brew – and soon
followed that up with a massive move from Whitehorse, Yukon to Halifax, Nova Scotia.
After touring the country following their epic relocation and being faced with a major blow in Toronto that saw their van and nearly all their gear get stolen, Sanktuary turned things around with a third EP in 2011, Tundrastruck, (a 3 way split with Black Moor and Metallian) and signing with Spread the Metal Records in 2012, which sent them all the way back to Whitehorse to begin recording their soon to be released debut full-length album, Something Fierce out this summer 2013.
Listen to the track "Fire In The Sky" from the album:
FACEBREAKER "Dedicated to the Flesh"
Release date: June 28th, 2013 by Cyclone Empire

FACEBREAKER Swedish Death Metal Zombie released their new album "Dedicated to the Flesh". The new album will be one of the best Death Metal pieces of the last years! A piece not to be missed by any Zombie addicted Metallion who likes old school Swedish death metal!!! Better grab your hatchets... they hunger for human livin' flesh!!!
Check out “Carving For Brains!!!” (Lyric Video)! Now Bang
Your Heads And Growl Along With The Lyrics!!!
Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8OvX3JSsud4
FROSTLAND DARKNESS "Ad Moriendum Dei Gratia"
Release date: 17th July 2013 by
Inverse Records

Frostland Darkness is a one-man black metal band from Kolari, northern Finland. «Ad Moriendum Dei Gratia» is seven songs of Finnish-sung black metal in all of its dark, cold and furious glory. The man behind the music is Mantus Nord, who names bands such as Mayhem, Venom and Darkthrone as his influences. This album is not for kids or those with a weak heart.

MUTANT SQUAD "Titanomakhia"
Release date: July 15th, 2013 by
Suspiria Records

Suspiria Records is proud to announce the release of one of the albums of the year, "Titanomakhia", from the excellent MUTANT SQUAD. His first album will surprise everyone by its variety, strength and quality. It represents a quantum leap in the history of the band, and will certainly be at the height of the great works of bands already established. Songs like "Rage of the Ohms" or "Blood over Neo Tokyo" will be classics for every metalhead automatically. Stay tuned for the release of the album in July because Mutant Squad will break everything withthis new blast!
"Titanomakhia" was produced by Daniel Cardoso (Angelus Apatrida, Noctem, Switchtense). Especially for fans of: Pantera, Mastodon, Revocation, Testament...
ARUNA AZURA "A Story Of A World's Betrayal"
Release date: July 7th 2013 (Ukraine) by Metal Scrap Records

Debut conceptual full-length album by uneasy guys from severe shores of Northern-West Russia. A song of self-destruction. Uncompromising thrust of Technical Progressive Death Metal punctuated with thoughtful digressions. Taunt mixed up with sadness, pain and irrepressible hate of a distant world will fill your ears and make you relish every little piece. For there’s nothing odd and everything has it’s sense.Lyrics - a journey to different worlds, the chronicle of a distant vanished civilization that stuck in the dead end of a technocratic progress and destroyed itself. For those who may read between the lines and see between the falseness. For there’s nothing odd and everything has its sense. Cover art and layout are brilliantly created by Alex Mayhem from {MAYHEM DESIGN}, one of the most advanced design studios in Russia.
Band Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/arunaband

ŁZA ZESCHNIĘTEJ RÓŻY "Majestat Mgieł Nocnych"

Release date: July 5th 2013

Na XX-lecie istnienia trójmieskiego zespołu Łza Zeschniętej Róży już za tydzień pojawi się re-edycja płyty "Majestat Mgieł Nocnych".
Łza zeschniętej róży powstała pod koniec 1993 roku. Początkowo zespół nosił nazwę Bathuel i pod tą właśnie nazwą nagrał dwa dema.
Po nagraniu drugiego dema zespół zmienił nazwę na "Łza zeschniętej róży" i w maju 1997 roku w olsztyńskim Selani Studio nagrał swój pierwszy LP pt. "Majestat Mgieł Nocnych", wydany w formie kasetowej przez wrocławską
wytwórnię Midgard Records.
Przychylne przyjęcie albumu a także pojawiające się przez cały ten czas w listach, mailach i komentarzach prośby o wydanie tego materiału na CD, zaowocowały reedycją, która w podziękowaniu niedługo trafi do Waszych rąk. Będzie to kolekcjonerskie wydanie w formie Różo-Krzyża. 
FATALITY "Psychonaut"
Release date: June 28th 2013 (Self-release)

Toronto, Canada’s high-energy, modern thrash monsters FATALITY have been cranking out wise-cracking, beer-drenched nightmares together since 2003. Known for their wild, riotous live performances and their peerless work ethic, they have been independently booking and promoting their own shows, creating great merch, touring North America, and making some great tunes along the way. Few bands embody the DIY spirit as fully as Fatality consistently do, and no other bands have as much fun working their asses off.
In early 2012, the band began writing a brand-new full-length, unquestionably their most ambitious project to date.
Smarter, stronger and musically tighter than ever, Fatality are now ready to unleash their sophomore album on their adoring public. Entitled Psychonaut, their new record is at once a darker and more mature effort, with more complex arrangements and sophisticated concepts that still retains their trademark energy and commitment to drunken mayhem. Tracks like “Thoughts Collide” and “Before The Collapse” delve deep into the sodden minds of their creators, bubbling with the strange alchemy of pop culture. Set to be released June 28th, 2013 Psychonaut is an exploration of the inner landscape of the mind, where addled thoughts and horror-polluted dreams are held up to musical scrutiny. Monstrous, ambitious, and sardonically funny as ever, Fatality are taking their unique sound and boundless energy to the next level.
Watch the track "Thoughts Collide" from the album: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YLN5I7NUGU
Release date: June 25th 2013 by HPGD

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions brings together two of the
sickest Death Metal bands in the world for a killer split!
SEPTORY are the fastest rising Death Metal band in Russia at the moment. Featuring members of cult Death Metal act Bestial Deform and Black Metal horde Khashm, their brand of traditional yet innovative Death Metal is highly recommended for fans of Deicide, Vader and early
Cannibal Corpse. After releasing the "Rotting Humanity" EP in 2006, Septory put out their crushing debut "World War Chaos" in 2008, followed by the destructive "Seductive Art Profane" in 2011. Their strong HPGD debut features a deadly collection of new anthems of evil, old school Death Metal and includes a cover of Bestial Deform's "Three Days Since Dead". An absolutely crushing offering!
is Death Metal four piece from Oulu and includes Markus Makkonen of Hooded Menace on vocals/bass. The band has often been compared to such names as Bolt Thrower, Morbid Angel, Terrorizer, Vader, Napalm Death, Sodom and early Sepultura. Relentless, punishing and unforgiving, their aural assault is a concoction of early 90's Death Metal, Grindcore and 80's Thrash. After releasing their self-titled debut in 2010, SF released the brutal "Death, Doom, Radiation" in 2012. This recording features three brand new originals and a cover version of the Seth Putnam's/Thor's collabaration "Throwing Cars at People (On Coke With Thor)". This is the 4th entry in the Price Slasher series that delivers highquality sickness at the lowest price possible. Prepare to headbang!
Listen to 2 full tracks from this release: http://www.horrorpaingoredeath.com/store/hpgd067.html
VESPERIA "An Olden Tale"
Release date: June 24th 2013

Canadian band VESPERIA announced a pre order campaign for the digital release of their new album AN OLDEN TALE that will begin on Monday, June 24th. The pre order will be available from their Bigcartel and Bandcamp pages, available at these locations:
VESPERIA's new album AN OLDEN TALE was recorded between October 2012 and March 2013 with Thomas Ireland (Icehouse Studios, Battlesoul) in Goderich, ON. The cover artwork for the album was done by Jan Yrlund, whose art credits include TYR, KORPIKLAANI, MANOWAR and APOCALYPTICA.
METALIATOR "Spalone Miasto"
Release date: June 23rd, 2013 (Self-released)

METALIATOR to thrashmetalowy zespół z Warszawy, do którego cech rozpoznawczych należąszybkie tempa, drapieżny głos wokalistki oraz teksty w języku polskim. Grupa powstała w 2008roku. Pod koniec roku 2010 ukazało się demo „Jeden z milionów”, które spotkało sięz entuzjastycznymi recenzjami w podziemnych mediach metalowych oraz dobrym przyjęciem nakoncertach w całym kraju. Dwa utwory znalazły się na pierwszej edycji składanki „ThrashingDamnation Thru Compilation” Vol. 1.
EP „SPALONE MIASTO” to 5 premierowych numerów, które ukazują bardziej dojrzałemuzycznie oblicze zespołu, co słychać zarówno w warstwie kompozycyjnej jak i lirycznej, a takżew produkcji materiału. Nie ucierpiały na tym jednak potężne pokłady thrashmetalowej energiibijącej z każdego riffu. W muzyce zawartej na „Spalonym mieście” da się dostrzec inspiracjezarówno polskimi, jak i europejskimi czy amerykańskimi legendami, METALIATOR stawiajednak przede wszystkim na własne, nierzadko nieschematyczne spojrzenie na ten rodzajmuzyki.

Linki: www.metaliator.pl i www.facebook.com/metaliator
LA SKALA DE RICHTER "Diabolus Notet"
Release date: June 14th 2013 by Art Gates Records

This powerful combo from Almería (Spain), formed in 2007 is characterized by a contemporary sound, identified by contrasting aggressive and sharp riffs with powerful melodic voice. After two successful EP’s entitled “Midiendo Intensidad” and “Espectro Metafórico”, counting with the collaboration of members from Skunk D.F and performing through all Spain. Skala de Richter are imminently releasing their debut album, which will arouse the curiosity of many;
as it is, with no doubt, one of the most striking releases of 2013.
Listen to “Diabolus Notet” and judge it yourself!!!
SECRETPATH "Wanderer and the choice"
Release date: June 7th 2013 by
Art Gates Records

Italian contemporary extreme metallers Secretpath have revealed the cover artwork for their debut opus, which will be entitled "Wanderer and the choice". The artwork cover has been designed by Dantemanuele de Santis from Italy. Tracklist will be composed by the 10 tracks. "Wanderer and the choice" combines all the diverse influences from Secretpath giving as a result the personal and unique sound of the band, not categorized in any specific genre.
Release date: June 6th 2013 (6-6-6) by Seven Gates of Hell

Apokaliptyczny i surowy Anti-christian Black Metal dla prawdziwych maniaków gatunku. Brutalność i bluźnierstwo w stylu znanym z dokonań Marduk czy Infernal War. "Ashed" to 6 zabójczych kompozycji, które sprowadzą plagę na Wasze domy!

Black Metal Horde OV PLAGUES, formed by Exiled and Abygrel in late 2010. After over a year of being a solid two-piece and seeing countless members comeand go, the duo came in contact with bassist and vocalist Amon. Amon turned out to be the perfect fit and after just few rehearsals he officially became a member. Ov Plagues then, started preparing for recording. In the summer of 2012, the band entered the studio and recorded 6 unholy plague hymns for their debut mini CD “Ashed”. By early 2013, Ov Plagues signed with underground label Seven Gates of Hell to release “Ashed” worldwide. While Ov Plagues is waiting for “Ashed” to be unleashed on the masses, they are working on material for their first full-length CD.
Recenzja wydawnictwa:
Release date: June 6th 2013 by
Let It Bleed Rec.

Nawiązując do dni chwały zespołów death doom metalowych takich jak Katatonia, Paradise Lost czy Anathema - nadchodzi nowa nadzieja - Black Blood of the Earth! Wolne tempa, ciężar brzmienia, kult mroku! 3 utwory na nowym mini-albumie.
Black Blood of the Earth to twór poświęcony temu co negatywne, boleściwe i ostateczne. To Wasze szydercze odbicie w czarnej toni ludzkiej natury, powolne niszczenie, samotność wobec nieskończoności.
Release date: June 5th 2013 by
Art Gates Records

This powerful four pieced combo was formed in the mid 2000's in Madrid. Characterized by a different concept; escaping from cliches, breaking tags, expressions and sounds listened thousand times in clonal bands. Unsouled's live shows always get an amazing connection with the crowd, receiving outstanding reviews and opinions in every stage that band performs.
After a very successful LP entitled "Start Over", the band received amazing reviews from the national and international metal press. In 2012 a new album was projected, looking for a new evolution in their sound, Unsouled started a long pre-production work. Recorded in Sandman's Studios in Madrid (Spain) and engineered by Carlos Santos and Norman Bates, the mastering process was entrusted again to Mika Jussila at Finnvox Studios, Finland; getting as result the new opus of the band, entitled "Evolve". This album means many steps forward for the band's sound evolution, finding a new state in it's personality.
BORNBROKEN "The Healing Powers Of Hate"
Release date: June 4th 2013 (Self-release)

Montreal’s BORNBROKEN was formed with one simple mission in mind: Help the masses find a voice, a face, an “X” that marks the spot through the sounds of beating skins, metal strings and broken chords.
After months of writing and hours spent in the studio, BornBroken managed to take every emotion they felt, put it to music, build off of past battle scars and create a record where listeners will feel they are part of the storyline.
On their debut album, The Healing Powers of Hate, which is set for a June 4 release, BornBroken play out not only what life has given them but also what they want to give back: truth, integrity, perseverance, loyalty and faith in humanity’s struggle for equality.“We try to keep with tradition on this release and bring back a true dry metal sound, upfront loud guitars, drums in your face and a singer that can be distinguished from the rest,” says guitarist Mike Decker of The Healing Powers of Hate.“BornBroken is the beaten and the fallen overcoming their outlook of a blackened tomorrow,” he explains of the band’s vision and goals. “Taking sorrow and anger and rising up from the ashes to rebuild and heal a new world from one that’s crumbling down around us now.” It’s a truly powerful message delivered by one of the metal world’s most powerful new bands. Get ready to experience the magic moment when, finally, the broken shall rise.
Live track from the album "Anger of the Day": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gehu2VeWnyA
Release date: May/ June 2013 by Metal Scrap Records

The debut full-length album of Moscow Gothic Doom Black Metal project. The music of this mysterious and magical formation offers us to feel the contrast between the beauty and the ugliness, between joyful sadness and truly desolation. You can compare it with Estatic Fear, Autumn Rain Melancholy, but you won't find one and the same sound or guitar cliché. If you know, what emptiness and despair really means, it'll tell you, who hides inside of you. Walk through the cold alleys of solitude, feel the wet leaf fall of empty hopes and sleepless nights,
open the door into the abyss of long nightmares and endless His Majesty Dusk's halls. Get ready… The darkness is coming…
INSTORM "Madness Inside"
Release date: May 25th 2013 by
Metal Scrap Records

Debut full-length album of Russian Melodic Death Metal band from Moscow. The powerful energy that combines dynamic riffs, bright catchy melodies, high-speed solos, passages in the classical style and extreme expressive vocals that best conveys the meaning of the songs. The lyrics tell the story of inner feelings, loneliness, fear, alienation and madness. From the first track the listener begins to travel through deep sides of the human soul, so different and similar at the same time.
The limited collector's edition with the pit-art!
Recommended for fans of: Kalmah, Wintersun, and all fans of Melodic Death Metal!!
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/instormband
Link for listenning 3 full tracks from this album: http://metalscraprecords.com/en/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=3952:instorm-qmadness-insideq-cd&catid=41:audiocd&Itemid=46
IN SILENT "Potępienie"
Release date: May 25th 2013

Sandomierski kwartet IN SILENT przygotował własnym sumptem debiutancki mini album Potępienie. Premiera płyty została zaplanowana na 25 maja 2013. Materiał został zarejestrowany na przełomie kwietnia i lipca 2012 roku w Screw Factory Studio. Realizacją, miksem i masteringiem całości zajął się uznany producent Janusz Bryt, znany ze współpracy m.in. z Behemoth, Blindead, Stillborn, Devilyn czy Witchmaster. Zawartość wydawnictwa stanowi siedem kompozycji utrzymanych w konwencji surowego i brutalnego death/black metalu. Materiał został przygotowany i nagrany w składzie:
  • Konrad "Buba" Ozdoba - gitara, wokal
  • Marcin "Mal" Skoczylas - gitara
  • Damian "Młynarz" Maciąg - bass, wokal
  • Wojtek "Suchy" Mizera - perkusja
Tytułowego utworu można posłuchać tutaj: http://youtu.be/OJUoPwTsvzg
Więcej informacji o zespole: https://www.facebook.com/pages/In-Silent/144051922326331
DECAYING „The Last Days of War”
Release date: May 20th 2013

Fińscy death metalowcy z Decaying powracają z trzecim w karierze długogrającym albumem. Płyta „The Last Days of War” ukaże się 20 maja nakładem Hellthrasher Productions.Nowy krążek Finów to 8 zupełnie nowych nagrań, perfekcyjnie balansujących pomiędzy szybkim, zwartym death metalem, a majestatycznym doomem, przesiąkniętym duchem Asphyx, Hail of Bullets i Bolt Thrower. W warstwie lirycznej zespół kontynuuje ścieżkę obraną na dwóch poprzednich płytach, podejmując ponownie tematykę Pierwszej i Drugiej Wojny Światowej, tym razem z perspektywy ostatnich wydarzeń - m.in. bitwy pod Paschendale, lądowania w Normandii czy ofensywy w Ardenach. Jak zapowiada lider zespołu, Matias Nastolin: „To zdecydowanie najmocniejsza i najlepiej wyprodukowana pozycja w naszej dyskografii. Proces twórczy trwał nieco dłużej niż w przypadku naszych poprzednich albumów, dzięki czemu płyta jest bardziej dopracowana i wyważona, a jednocześnie nadal bardzo świeża i energetyczna. Myślę, że możemy już śmiało konkurować z nadchodzącym albumem Hail of Bullets!”
Cały materiał jest dostępny do przedpremierowego odsłuchu zapośrednictwem fińskiego Kaos Zine:

Okładkę wykonał Bartek Kurzok.
ARMIFERA "Eradication"
Release Date: May 14th 2013 by
HPGD Productions

Epic Thrash Metal madness from Canada! Armifera carry the torch of metal's past through their debut album "Eradication". A blend of old school and new school Thrash Metal, this album exhibits violent fast tempos, pit bull vocals, bone crushing riffs and thunderous bass along with a healthy dose of New Wave Of British Heavy Metal undertones. Enter the dark twisted world of the Brotherhood Of The Watcher and The Hidden Order... a secret society that broke off of the bloodlines of the Earth's rulers and became their adversaries. "Eradication" will take you on a spellbinding and mesmerising experience into the unknown. For fans of Death Angel, Destruction, Exodus, Forbidden, Kreator, Machine Head, Metallica, Minax, Mortillery, Sacrifice, Sodom, Testament and Tourniquet. Bang your head!
Listen to full track from this release:
DEAFLOCK "Courage To Expose All"
Release Date: April 30th 2013

Japanese assassins of old school Thrash! Deaflock make their
HPGD debut with their sophomore album "Courage To Expose All". Full of passionate anger and aggression, Deaflock destroy the listener while maintaining an emotional yet intense roaring sound. Never too brutal or traditional, this album exposes the darkness of mankind through the power of the riff, displaying thrusting vocals straight from the soul. For fans of Carcass, Dark Angel, Destruction, Kreator, Megadeth, Rage, Sodom and Voivod. Crisis is coming... you have been warned!
Listen to full track from this release:
UNGRACE "Feed the Demons"
Release Date: April 29th 2013 by Metal Scrap Records

The second full-length album from the Ukrainian Industrial Death/Groove band. New album of the band is the logical evolution of their unique style that Ungrace conceived on its debut, “Hostile Revival” (2010). Nevertheless “Feed The Demons” is more heavy, more dark and more brutal than its predecessor and is a new, fresh look at the good old Death Metal, cross-bred with Groove and flavored with dismal Industrial atmosphere. The lyrics describe various displays of the dark, bestial sides of human nature, emphasizing the brutality of the music.Ungrace’s unique heavy sound, which is made by TA Production, along with great 12-page booklet by Mayhem Project makes “Feed The Demons” a must-have for each metalhead!
Listen to 3 full tracks from the album:
RABBLE OF HEAVEN "It's Time to Pay Your Blood"
Release Date: April 26th 2013

Iranian Groove Metal band RABBLE OF HEAVEN has set its new album titled "It's Time To Pay Your Blood" for streaming and FREE DOWNLOAD. The album, which follows up the band's debut "Solve Us By Your Guns",
consists of 9 tracks influenced by different bands such as IN FLAMES,
CHILDREN OF BODOM, ARCH ENEMY, SLIPKNOT, LAMB OF GOD and many others. You can listen to "It's Time To Pay Your Blood" in its entirety or download it for free clicking HERE.
You can check RABBLE OF HEAVEN playing some of the album's tracks in the studio at the band's YouTube Channel
Release date: April 22nd 2013 by
Listenable Records

"French dark death /black metal SVART CROWN has been willing to break the genre boundaries enhancing lethal grooves in a sadistic manner that won't leave any listener in a safe and comfy world. The main theme of the album is full-introspection about humanity sickness and SVART CROWN deliver the soundtrack of a bleak world that has already ended to their eyes with this album.
"Profane" plunges the listener deeper into their punishing demonic grooves thanks to a massive and organic production. SVART CROWN here unveil their strongest and most intricate songwriting with a great emphasis on feel and atmosphere that will leave any fan of the genre sunk into genuine desolation. With a main theme about humanity sickness, SVART CROWN hammer imaginative arrangements one after another. Transcendent and uncompromising, "Profane' is a testimony of the world going down.

Listen to full track from this release: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EyChSoHUj-U

FORCEOUT "Delusion"
Release Date: April 13th 2013 by
Metal Scrap Records

Debut full-length album of Ukrainian Melodic Death Metal band.The album includes aggressive and melodic guitar riffs together with fast melodic solos that add Power Metal sound to the music. The lyrics cover such things as human relationships, good and evil, truth and lies, etc.For fans of such bands as: Children Of Bodom, Norther, Arch Enemy, Dark Tranquillity, In Flames.
Release Date: March 3rd 2013 by
Seven Gates of Hell

New album of the abominable ZORORMR! A true occult black metal masterpiece feat. guest appearances by Cezar (Christ Agony), Shadow (Black Altar), Icanraz and Quazarre (Devilish Impressions). 11 infernal tracks and almost 45 minutes of pure blasphemy and heresy!
Zorormr powraca z nową, OHYDNĄ płytą! Prawdziwy, okultystyczny black metal z gościnnym udziałem takich muzyków jak Cezar (Christ Agony), Shadow (Black Altar), Icanraz & Quazarre (Devilish Impressions). 11 piekielnych numerów składających się na 45 minut bluźnierstw i herezji! Strona zespołu FB:
BANISHER ujawnia nowy singiel z nadchodzącej płyty!

Ekipa Banisher udostępniła pierwszy singiel ze świeżo nagranej
płyty „Scarcity”. Następca „Slaughterhouse” zawiera 10 kompozycji,
w tym death metalową wersję utworu „Yakety Sax” znanego szerzej
jako czołówka z serialu „Benny Hill”. Zespół poszukuje wydawcy tego
materiału.Płyta została nagrana w nowym składzie – na stanowisku bębniarza pojawił się Łukasz „Lucass” Krzesiewicz (Sammath Naur, Gnida,
Esquarial). Gościnnie pojawił się również Wojtek Famielec (Disperse, ex-Redemptor), nagrywając partie basu w jednym utworze.
Za miks, mastering oraz nagrania odpowiedzialny był Szymon Grodzki
z Invent Sound Studio (również gitarzysta Sammath Naur oraz Gnidy).W międzyczasie zespół przygotowuje się do zbliżających się koncertów. Już w kwietniu będzie można zobaczyć zespół na żywo w 6
miastach w ramach „Najbardziej Świńskiej Trasy 2013”. Planowane są również kolejne koncerty w maju w Polsce i za granicą. W sierpniu Banisher pojawi się na dwóch festiwalach na wschodzie: Metal Crowd
Festival (Białoruś) oraz na Metal Head’s Mission (Ukraina).
Link do posłuchania nowego singla – „Dystopia”
Nadchodzące koncerty: http://www.lastfm.pl/music/Banisher/+events

New releases from METAL SCRAP!

Release date: February 23rd 2013 (Ukraine)/ May 6th 2013 (World)

Debut full-length album by Ukrainian Progressive Thrash/Melodic Death Metal band. “Architect” is the result of five years of work, the endless struggle and changes. Speed, intricate guitar riffs, broken drum beats even more clearly highlighted with rough female vocals. Mastering from Anton Vorozhtsov and TA Production, known for his work with such bands as: Hell:On, Mind Shredder, Ungrace and more, gave to Deathember Flower special sound.
For fans of: In Flames, Dream Theater, Chimaira, Death, Arch Enemy.

Link for listening 3 full tracks: http://metalscrap.org.ua/en/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=3744:deathember-flower-qarchitectq-cd&catid=41:audiocd&Itemid=47
VADIKAN "Hydrargyrum"
Release date: January 19th 2013 (Ukraine)/ February 4th 2013 (World)

Debut full-length album by Russian Melodic Gothic Metal band. It’s
an emotional Gothic Metal, beyond style. Female vocal with Russian
lyrics presented on this album (booklet contains also all lyrics in
English). According to the author of the lyrics, Wetri – it reflects the
way where "to know yourself, to find your place in life, it is
necessary first of all to accept your own death, to accept yourself as
something quite ordinary, then take the pain you inflict by loved ones
and through this pain to learn to love". The artwork painted by
artist Alla Bobyleva, who worked on CDs of such band as Lacrimosa: "I Lost My Star" and "Schattenspiel". 12 pages booklet made by Polish designer Marek "Ptys" Jastrzebski, who worked for Helloween, Hell:On,
Quo Vadis... etc. The album was recorded at several studios in Moscow, including StudioVadikan. Mastered by famous Finnish producer Hiili Hiilesmaa (HIM, Apocalyptica, Sentenced, Theatre Of Tragedy, Entwine, The 69 Eyes).Recommended for fans of: Paradise Lost...
Link for listening 3 full tracks: http://metalscrap.org.ua/en/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=3626:vadikan-qhydrargyrumq-cd&catid=41:audiocd&Itemid=47
MIND AFFLICTION "Pathetic Humanity"
Release date: January 13th 2013 (Ukraine)/ February 4th 2013 (World)

Debut full-length album by the Polish progressive Black/Death Metal band. "Pathetic Humanity" is the story of human depravity and perversion. The record features mixed styles ranging from Black Metal to technical Death Metal, filled with harmonics and even some Doom Metal elements. Two vocals together with two unique guitars all accompanied by brutal blast beats on drums, create an eerie, sometimes psychedelic, yet soothing atmosphere.
Link for listening 3 full tracks: http://metalscrap.org.ua/en/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=3610:mind-affliction-qpathetic-humanityq-cd&catid=41:audiocd&Itemid=47


DORMANT ORDEAL "It Rains, It Pours"
Release date: March 17th 2013

Debiutancki album krakowskiej death metalowej ekipy Dormant Ordeal, który chcąc zachować niezależność artystyczną zdecydował się na samodzielne wydanie i dystrybucję materiału. Rejestracji nagrań dokonano w czerwcu i sierpniu 2012 r. pod okiem Lecha Leśniewskiego. Miks i mastering to już grudzień, kiedy materiał powędrował do warszawskiego Progresja Studio pod opiekę Pawła „Janosa” Grabowskiego, znanego ze współpracy z takimi zespołami jak Gortal czy Masachist.
Dormant Ordeal powstał w 2005 r. jako jednoosobowy projekt obecnego perkusisty zespołu, aby po wydaniu dwóch materiałów demo (Demo I w 2005 r. oraz Rotten Hearts rok później) stać się wreszcie pełnoprawnym zespołem w roku 2009. Po kilku nieuniknionych przetasowaniach skład zamknął się ostatecznie w czterech osobach: Maciek Proficz – wokale, Maciek Nieścioruk – gitary/wokale, Kacper Działdowski – bas i Radek Kowal – perkusja. Już pod koniec 2009 r. zaprezentowane zostało
pierwsze promo o nazwie More to Come.
Więcej informacji: www.facebook.com/dormant.ordeal  oraz www.soundcloud.com/dormant_ordeal 
Release date: March 14th 2013

Oczekujcie dziewięciu brutalnych, death metalowych strzałów w klimacie klasyków lat 90tych. Debiut Deathstorm zatytułowany ”Nechesh” emanuje nienawiścią do chrześcijaństwa i gloryfikacją Lucyfera, zamkniętymi w ponad 40 minutach ciężkiego death metalu. W składzie członkowie Ethelyn i Brutally Mutilated.
Przedsmak tego, co będziecie mogli usłyszeć na debiutanckiej płycie DEATHSTORM to najnowszy teledysk zespołu:

Linki: http://www.myspace.com/deathstormmetal oraz http://www.facebook.com/Deathstormband
R.O.D. "Death For All"
Release date: March 3rd 2013

Piorunujący debiut ekstremalnych thrash'erów z Lublina. Wściekły i szybki Thrash Metal starej szkoły!!! 10 brutalnych razów utrzymanych w klasycznych klimatach lat 80-tych i 90'tych z elementami crossover.
Release date: December 21st 2012

Krakowska Black/Thrash metalowa banda która w mijającym roku przeprowadziła kilka niespodziewanych ataków na żywo, u boku m. in. Thornafire, Embrional, Intestinal, Hell United, Christ Agony, Deivos czy Ulcer ukończyła wreszcie debiutanckie demo. Na "War Hawks" składa się pięć ochłapów black/thrashowego chamstwa, pogardy i braku szacunku dla życia, zapatrzonych w dokonania Nifelheim, Desaster, Gehennah, Von, Impaled Nazarene, Deströyer 666 czy Darkthrone. Plan eksterminacji
wygląda następująco: "RageHammer Rising", "Prophet of Genocide", "Hate Command", "The Wolfpack" i "Gospel of the Scum".
Materiał kwartetu w składzie Corpsebutcher, Bestial Avenger, Mortar i Heretik Hellstörm został zarejestrowany, zmiksowany i zmasterowany w No Solace przez M. (www.no-solace.com). Za chorobliwą okładkę „War Hawks” odpowiedzialny jest Klaudiusz Witczak, a obskurny layout popełnił Marcin z Upgrade Design Studio. Materiał w formie limitowanego do 200 kopii digisleeva ukazał się w barwach MYTHRONE

New releases from HPGD Productions!

Release Date: March 26th 2013

Forged out of the icy wilderness of the north, this Philadelphia trio composes several tracks of cold subsonics and frigid atmospheres. Inspired by Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus's founder Mika Mage's Finnish heritage, the tracks presented here showcase the bands ambient black metal techniques. Cold, grim and strangely uplifting, a must have for fans of artists such as Gris, Paysage D'Hiver, Burzum, Velvet Cacoon, Trist, and Neige EtNoirceur. A frozen, ambient masterpiece...
Listen to full track:
Release Date: March 19th 2013

Apocryphon hails from the San Francisco/Oakland area and have established themselves as one of the most sought-after metal acts in the area since the release of their self-titled demo in 2011. Incorporating electronic noise, strange samples, insane drumming as well as angular riffs into their overall sound, Apocryphon has quickly gained a reputation as both brutal and bizarre. The recording present on this EP were some of the last to be completed by legendary engineer Jeff "Leppard" Davis before his untimely death in June of 2012, and stand as a testament to both his talent and integrity. For fans of early Cryptopsy, Death, Atheretic, Gigan and ayahuasca vision-quests. A killer debut!
Fabricant hail from the sleepy town of Lafayette, California, and display a flair for all things weird, technical, and ugly. Light-speed blastbeats, odd time signatures, and off-the-wall chord structures are all hallmarks of this young and hungry band, whose 2010 demo became a quick favorite in forward-thinking death metal circles. Still at the precipice of great and terrible things, Fabricant remain an unpredictable force to be reckoned with, showing unmatched imagination and brutality. For fans of Demilich,
Embryonic Devourment, late-era Gorguts, Timeghoul and all manner of gruesome, dissonant deathgrind. This crushing split is powerful and a must have for all fans of the underground!

Listen to 2 tracks from this release: http://hpgd.comoj.com/store/hpgd061.html
IMPALERS "Power Behind The Throne"
Release Date: March 5th 2013

100% old school Thrash Metal from Denmark! Impalers burst out of the gates of Hell with their debut album Power Behind The Throne, a strong contender for one of the top albums of 2013. Rooted in the extremity of German bands of the 80's, Impalers are not out to reinvent the genre, nor do they aspire to create something entirely new and unique. This is white hot, nasty-ass speed that will leave you feverishly headbanging... fast and aggressive true Thrash Metal, the way it was meant to be! For fans of Dark Angel, Deathrow, Destruction, Exodus, Kreator, Living Death, Num Skull, Onslaught, Protector, Razor, Sacrifice, Sepultura, Slayer, Sodom, Tankard and Whiplash.
Listen to a full track from this release:
THE BEYOND "Frostbitepanzerfuck"
Release Date: February 19th 2013

The Beyond return to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions with the long awaited full length album "Frostbitepanzerfuck"! Expanding on their classic sound of early 90's Norwegian Black Metal, "Frostbitpanzerfuck" also incorporates elements of blasting D-beat and sleazy Punk Rock. Prepare yourself for total degradation as The Beyond spew forth an all out crossover assault of perversion, filth and mayhem! For fans of Bathory, Burzum, The Casualties, Darkthrone, Desekrator, Dodheimsgard, The Dwarves, Eat My Fuk, Framtid, GG Allin, Gorgoroth, Motorhead, Toxic Holocaust, Venom and Zeke...
Listen to a full track from this release:
VEX "Memorious"
Release Date: February 5th 2013

Building upon the strengths of 2010’s critically-acclaimed debut Thanatopsis, Vex return to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions with another landmark extreme metal work in the form of Memorious. Those who appreciate the power and the dynamic range of Thanatopsis will delight in the death metal explorations undertaken in Memorious, this time delivered with more streamlined songwriting, more aggression and more of a pronounced folk and progressive influence. The lyrical content details the immensely
destructive power of human memory, but topics such as cryptozoology,
spiritual longing, drunken nostalgia and political sovereignty are also explored. Fans of Absu, Primordial, Agalloch, Stargazer, Edge of Sanity, Enslaved, Ved Buens Ende, Eucharist, Amorphis, The Chasm, Dissection,
Amon Amarth and Aeternus are sure to appreciate Vex’s fresh and invigorating approach to death metal.
Listen to a full track from this release:
VOMITILE "Igniting Chaos"
Release Date: January 22nd 2013

Extreme Death Metal from the island of Cyprus! Prepare for an onslaught of primitive brutality and blasting sickness as Vomitile capture the true vile essence of the old school on their debut album "Igniting Chaos". Full of punishing riffs and extreme aggression, Vomitile unleash a killer recording of total annihilation and pure fucking destruction. Experience one of the finest emerging metal acts of the Mediterranean metal scene. Recommended for fans of Asphyx, Bolt Thrower, Cannibal Corpse, Carnage, The Crown, Deicide, Demolition Hammer, Entombed, Grave, Immolation, Malevolent Creation, Massacre, Monstrosity, Morbid Angel, Pestilence and Slayer.
Listen to a full track from this release:

New releases from NON SERVIAM Records!

DEATH TYRANT "Opus The Tyranis"
Release date: March 18th 2013

Death Tyrant as a band was formed in the spring of 2009 as a project of Thomas Backelinand the positions within the band were filled very fast. Joakim Antonsson was recruited as drummer, shortly followed by his brother Dennis Antonsson to fill the spot as guitarist. Anders Backelin was the obvious and only choice as bass-player since Thomas and Anders already had a long time collaboration between them.A promo EP entitled ‘The Dark Abyss’ was recorded in the fall of 2010 in Armageddon Recordings produced and engineered by Anders and Death Tyrant. After this recording Death Tyrant recruited Daniel Bornstrand as a permanent singer since Thomas only did the vocals for 'The Dark Abyss' because there were no vocalist up for the task at the time being. Christophe Szpajdel was requested for doing the logo and once again he achieved nothing but a masterpiece! Marcelo Vasco did the awesome front cover for ‘The Dark Abyss’In the fall of 2012 Death Tyrant closed a deal with Non Serviam Records. http://www.facebook.com/deathtyrant.official
GRIEF OF EMERALD "It All Turns To Ashes"
Release date: December 3rd 2012

Grief of Emerald has been (and still is) an important and influential part of the Swedish underground metal movement since the mid 90's! In 2009 (after almost a decade of silence) Grief of Emerald regrouped and started writing new songs. And in 2011 they released a new album called: “"The Devils Deep". ”The album was released to show the world that Grief of Emerald had regrouped and still was a force to reckon with. "“The Devils Deep"” was released through Non Serviam Records. It contained four new songs as well as three remakes of classic Grief of Emerald songs.
Now the time has finally come for the new fantastic album which contains nine crushing songs with Dark, World-Ending, Anti-Religious themes.This album leaves no one unmoved. So sit back and listen!!!

For fans who like bands like: Old Man’s Child, Dissection, Dimmu Borgir, Embraced, Vesania...

New releases from ART GATES RECORDS!

"A piece of art which combines Blackened Death Metal" with symphonic
compositions and ancestral resemblance, extended through dark and intense
passages occasionally assembled into exquisite dramatic sections."

"The Aethyr's Call" will be released through Art Gates Records in Spain on February 25 and rest of Europe on March 1st.
The album has been produced by Mortuorial Eclipse and co-produced by Matías Takaya, mixed and mastered by Arek "Malta" Malczewski (Decapitated, Behemoth, Vesania) at Sound Division Studios in Poland
Argentinian band WULFSHON (Pagan/Viking metallers) released the first official video for the track "Son ov Wolves", extracted from their debut album "Prinnit Mittilagart".
Son ov Wolves is one of the most aggressive, concrete-concept-themed songs
of Prinnit Mittilagart. This is so not only at a musical level, but also at a literary level, for the lyrics’ subjects are relevant to our philosophy of life, both as a group and as distinctindividuals.
Album teaser: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=denOumpD4Io
TOXOVIBORA -"Primer Ataque" (First Attack)
"In our opinion, we reflected perfectly the sound that characterizes the band, a strong base, addictive and sharp guitar riffs, combined with a raw voice that spits conscious lyrics".
"Primer ataque" has been recorded in "La guarida de Kreggor" Studios, in Hellín, Albacete (Spain), by Pablo Alcazar. The spanish release date is fixed for the 18th of February of 2013, and the 1st of March the album will be released in Europe and rest of the worldthrough Code 7 and PHD Distribution.
VIVID REMORSE - Done to the Wire
Contemporary thrash metal combo Vivid Remorse are now a steamroller
presenting their new album "Down to the wire".The LP is receiving really incredible reviews from the international metal press:
Rafa Basa- "35 minutes of furious thrash metal. I can only think about pushing play again and again when it's over, to start the party again".
Metal Total .- "They did it! High notable for this band that I strongly
Metal Hammer .- "With no doubt this is one of the most significant bands from the spanish scene".
 "Imaginary actress" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJVnhd1nSHw video has been produced by Nad Visual Art. It consists in a direct, cutting and uncompromising track, in which the band demonstrates again their innovative and franticsound.
The first studio album of extreme metallers Dark Confessions is
out in Europe and worldwide the 3rd of December. If you didn't watch it before, here it is the official teaser for "Insanity", a powerful combination between the mostgenuine old school death metal and the most blasting modern stuff:


UNEARTHLY new DVD in March 2013

Brazilians Devils UNEARTHLY will release a DVD entitled "Baptizing The East In Blood", recorded last year during a tour in Eastern Europe. The DVD brings as main attraction the presentation in the city of Voronezh, Russia. The work will also count with videos shot by fans, backstage images, photo gallery and interviews.
The band now fixes the details of audio mixing and mastering of the main show, besides editing the rest of the material, which is expected to be released simultaneously in Brazil, Russia and Ukraine.
The release is expected to March via Shinigami Recs in Brazil and Metal of Crypt Europe.
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